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Types of oak which oak is the most expensive

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-19
At present, there are many white oak, red oak, oak wood, oak, rubber wood on the market under the banner of oak. They are all called oak, but in fact, only white oak and red oak can be called oak in a true sense. Why are they true and false? Appear on the market at the same time? The English name of oak is OAK. OAK is a broad concept: 1. OAK grown in the United States is the best in OAK. The tree diameter is large, the pattern is prominent, and the variegated lines are very few. At present, there are two types on the market, one is called white oak, and the other is called red oak. White oak is about 20% more expensive than red oak because white oak is suitable for dark colors. And light-colored furniture, but red oak is only suitable for colored furniture. American Red Oak 2 OAK produced in Europe is called oak or European oak. It is produced in small quantities in Germany, Turkey, Austria and other places. Its tree diameter is small, there is no red and white oak, and the pattern is not as large as white oak and red oak. There are very few in China. Because its output is not suitable for large-scale production, it has been rarely used in domestic production of furniture. 3 The OAK from Northeast my country and Russia is called oak wood. The tree diameter is larger than European white oak but smaller than American oak. Logging has been basically banned in Northeast China, and it mainly comes from Russia. This wood is also the most important wood on the market that pretends to be white oak and red oak, but it can be distinguished carefully, because oak wood has smaller patterns, more black lines, and darker colors. Don’t listen to the merchant’s retro feeling. , This is deceiving, the price of wood is much lower than that of OAK in the United States. 4 Rubber wood produced in Hainan, Thailand and other places in my country is the cheapest wood. The rubber used in the production of automobile tires comes from this material. It is the most powerful fake oak on the market for many years, and the price is closer to pine. It is far from the previous woods. Therefore, from the perspective of wood quality, material and price, the quality and price of oak can be compared as follows: white oak (American OAK)> red oak (American OAK)> oak (Europe OAK)> oak wood (Northeast Russia OAK)>Rubberwood (Hainan) Extended Reading: Seven Ways to Identify Oak Furniture
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