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Types of entrance glass partition

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-16
In modern homes, the porch is the first scenery to open the door. All the wonderful things in the room are hidden behind the porch, and all short-lived imaginations may become reality before stepping out of the porch. The porch glass partition design combines the space with sufficient lighting, making the space more vigorous and vigorous, and the simple style reflects the owner's taste and needs in life. Many entrance glass partitions are decorated with large-screen glass, or embedded with transparent materials such as sandblasted glass and embossed glass beside the plywood veneer, which can separate large spaces and maintain the integrity of the overall space. . Entrance glass partition The transparent glass door is also very suitable to be used as the entrance partition. The white frame door is decorated in a Mediterranean style, and the colorful pillows are well decorated with the colors of the entrance. The entrance glass partition is only incomplete and relatively separates the space. Without affecting communication, it creates a relatively independent private working space and reduces mutual interference. The entrance glass partition must not only express the overall style of the room, but also Take into account practical functions such as display, guidance, and space separation. Therefore, it plays a finishing touch in the room decoration. Tips: The entrance glass partition is a sight that can be seen as soon as you enter the door. When choosing the glass form, it should be in harmony with the decoration style of the overall home. The excellent light transmittance and transparency of glass give people a bright and gentle feeling. Even in a small living area, it will never increase the sense of depression. What's more, it also has waterproof and moisture-proof properties, which is an excellent partition wall material. As the choice of glass in the entrance glass partition, it can be said that each has its own characteristics. Extended reading: entrances of different furniture decorations (1) Caiyi glass partition: Caiyi glass not only gives people an elegant and noble texture, but also makes full use of the light transmittance of glass to create various atmospheres. In a simple and elegant space, colored art glass is an important material for exquisite and meticulous expression. (2) Ordinary glass partition: white glass fully embodies the transparent characteristics of glass, simple and bright. (3) Cracked glass partition: After the tempered glass is hit, the whole piece of glass is naturally cracked, and then the clear glass is glued at the front and back to form cracked glass. Each crack on the cracked glass will not be the same and has a special visual impression. (4) Sandblasted glass partition: Use the durable pattern image to show the fuzzy beauty, and contrast with the other transparent parts, freely express various impressions.
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