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Types of dragon patterns on furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-19
The dragon first appeared as a totem worship, to symbolize ancestors, to deify and exaggerate the power of his clan. After entering the Shang Dynasty, the meaning of totem gradually disappeared, and its symbolic meaning as a divine object was extended, and it continued to affect later generations for thousands of years. As the leader of scale insects, the dragon can prosper the clouds and rain, benefit all things, make the weather smooth, and have plenty of food and clothing. In addition, the dragon is also a symbol of virtue and auspiciousness. 'The Deed of Filial Piety Granting Deeds' stated: 'From virtue to the water spring, the Huanglong sees those who are the emperor's image.' After the Qin and Han dynasties, the dragon gradually became the representative of the emperor, and his status became more and more noble. In some respects, the dragon pattern became the exclusive ornamentation of the emperor. It probably began in the Song Dynasty, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties were the most restrictive. From the very beginning, the dragon pattern changed continuously, until the basic shape of the Han Dynasty: giant head, big mouth, big eyes, sharp teeth, snake body, and claws. The main characteristics of the dragon pattern in the Qing Dynasty are: the dragon head is full and wide, and there are many bulges, and the image is clumsy and old. The head has double horns, thick hair, draped behind the head, huge jaws, mustache under the jaws, and the nose is mostly like a head, or like a lion's nose, a snake's body, scales, and four giant claws (Qianlong Dynasty The middle dragon has five claws), with sharp claws. This is the most common type of dragon image. The image of this dragon as a decoration on furniture mainly has the following changes: 1. Zhenglong: The head of the dragon is front, and the dragon body is coiled into a ball. 2. Rising dragon and descending dragon: The head of the dragon faces upward, the body and tail of the dragon are called ascending dragon, and vice versa, it is called descending dragon. 3. Walking dragon: Fire ball is installed in front of the dragon's head, followed by its four claws walking like a dragon. 4. Playing in the water dragon: The dragon's body is irregularly twisted and accompanied by sea water. 5. Wearing Cloud Dragon: The dragon's body is accompanied by moiré. 6. The picture of 'the godson of the blue dragon': the body of the dragon is twisted and twisted, with an old dragon on top and one or two little dragons on the bottom, which means 'the godson ascends to heaven'. 7. Playing Zhulong: There is a fire dragon in the middle, and two dragons are relatively playful, decorated with moiré patterns, also known as 'two dragons playing with beads.' In addition, there are some decorations in the image of gods and beasts deduced by primitive dragons, which also belong to the category of dragon patterns: 1. Kuilong: Legend has it that during the time of the Yellow Emperor, the lords had strange beasts in Liushan in the East China Sea. They were like cows, blue and without horns. One was able to walk, and they could walk in and out of water. Their eyes were like the sun and the moon, and their sounds were like thunder. The name was 'Kui'. Huangdi killed him, took the skin as a drum, and heard it for five hundred miles. This pattern is often used on ancient bronzes, and later generations are mainly imitated from bronzes. 2. Chi: The hornless dragon. In myths and legends, it is the god of water. One is called a female dragon, and the other is called a dragon. 3. Horned dragon: also known as a horned dragon, or a hornless dragon, or a horned dragon.
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