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Types of cloakroom

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-18
There are many styles of cloakrooms, and they can be classified into four categories: 1. Board type It is made of particleboard and density board as the main materials and connected by hardware connectors. Cheap and practical, the most on the market, but also the least demanding installation conditions. 2. Frame type Generally, there is no back panel, and the support method is the same as the metal shelf type. It is supported by vertical grids, and the partitions and drawer cabinets are fixed on it. The overall stability is not as good as the plate type. For example, the 'one' shape needs to be fixed to the wall to increase the stability. 3. The metal shelf type is supported by metal rods 'upright' or fixed with side walls. The wall must be a load-bearing wall, and the roof must be solid or reinforced. The reinforcement method is to add a large core board to the ceiling gypsum board. At that time, metal shelf-style cloakrooms were more popular, but this style cloakroom was generally made of pure aluminum because of metal rods. So the price is much higher than the price of the plate cloakroom. 4. The back-hung load-bearing type is the back plate. The back plate is fixed to the wall first, and then the accessories are hung on the back plate. Because of the troublesome construction, this type of It is not popular in China.
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