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Types and characteristics of furniture edge banding

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-17
Edge banding is a material that protects, decorates, and beautifies the outline of furniture panels. It can make a piece of furniture show the overall effect of clear wood grain and colorful. Types of edge banding 1. Wooden edge banding. The above good natural birch, oak, maple, beech, cherry and other woods are machine-processed and cut into thin wooden edge bands. 2. PVC edge banding. Plastic edge bands of wood grain, transparent, plain and two-color series made of polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride through mechanical pressing. 3. Melamine edge bands. Use high-quality colored base paper to print various wood grain, flower, leather grain, marble grain and other artistic patterns (or pure plain colors), and then impregnate the cured paper edge bands with modified melamine resin. Specifications and characteristics of edge banding 1. Wooden edge banding has the characteristics of natural wood grain, softness, invariance, and strong adhesion when pasting. It has good adsorption after bonding with furniture boards, especially bonding with wood boards. Its specifications: the thickness is 0.2~3.0mm, the width is 10mm~300mm (special width can also be customized), and the length is generally 2000mm. Due to the thinness of the edge banding and the different fiber densities of different woods, the wooden edge banding also has the defects of easy folding and tearing, but the backside glue coating treatment can make up for the above defects. 2. PVC edge banding has the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, strength, hardness, and high flexibility; its surface performance is good, wear-resistant, and can be trimmed; the surface effect is also good, and its pattern and color can be close to the natural wood Wood color, other color patterns are also available; PVC edge banding with netting or coating treatment on the bottom also has a good bonding effect. Its specifications: thickness is 0.2~3mm, width is 19-50mm, length is 1000mm per roll. PVC edge banding with a thickness of more than 2mm has a certain amount of stress, and it must be heated to soften or increase the temperature of the adhesive during use, otherwise it will fall off due to the weak adhesion of the stress. 3. The melamine edge banding strip has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and has the advantages of excellent flexibility, strong adhesion after bonding, and not easy to fall off. Its specifications: the thickness is 0.2~0.4mm, the width is about 25mm, and the length is 1000~2000mm. The melamine edge banding strip has excellent bending properties, which will be better after being heated, but it has the defect of being easy to break.
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