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Tree species and classification of mahogany furniture materials

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-02
Mahogany furniture has always been loved by consumers. At present, there are only 33 species of mahogany, which can be divided into 5 genera and 8 categories. The 5 genera are named after arboreal genera, namely Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Diospyros, Pterocarpus, and Tielia. The 8 categories are named after the trade names of the woods, namely red sandalwood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony, and wenge. At the same time, mahogany refers to the heartwood of these 5 genera and 8 types of wood, and the heartwood refers to the center of the tree and the part without living cells. For the mahogany furniture sold in the furniture market, the commonly used furniture materials are red sandalwood, ebony, ebony, rosewood, wenge, gall, rosewood, etc. Here is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of mahogany furniture materials. The wood of rosewood is hard, the color is purple, the texture is rainy, the color is soft, the weight is light, it can float in the water, and the shape is like wooden tendons. Also known as fragrant rosewood, it has a similar composition with rosewood. Currently, rosewood is the majority of the mahogany furniture on the market. Historical records can be divided into at least two types, one is the rosewood called 'Huanghuali' by today's people, the other is the rosewood called 'Old Huali' in the north, but actually it is the 'New Huali' rosewood. This kind of rosewood is found in Taiwan. Called 'Redwood'. Huanghuali is yellow and warm in color, light in weight, and has clear textures like clouds and flowing water. Its wood is extremely stable, does not deform, crack, and is not afraid of bending. It is suitable for making special-shaped furniture. The three-curved legs of Ruxiangji are so large that Huanghuali cannot. Huanghuali is very suitable for carving. Huanghuali has large materials, four meters long and half a meter wide, but the single board can be seen, but it is impossible to be carved to the extreme of red sandalwood. Wood knots are common in huanghuali wood, which are smooth and uncracked, and are beautiful and pleasant, commonly known as 'ghosts'. The newly planted tree species is no more than finger thickness, which belongs to the state's ban on logging. The supply of Hainan huanghua pear has been 'cut off.' Hainan Huanghuali Furniture can only adopt the method of purchasing old furniture and recombining and designing. Huanghuali from Vietnam and other places has also become a popular item on the market. Red sandalwood is a fine product among mahogany. Its main producing areas are India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Angola. It has a growth period of about 500 years. Its wood has a purple-black color, high density, high hardness, and a very delicate hand. The wood is shiny, and when viewed from some angles, the red sandalwood will have a shiny reflection like satin. Red sandalwood has a special fragrance, interlaced texture, dense structure, hard, heavy and delicate material. At present, the red sandalwood furniture circulating on the market are all shipped back to China from India and South Africa during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are very few large red sandalwood. Its weight is very heavy, much more than similar mahogany. It has stable wood properties, does not crack or warp, and is easy to engrave, especially easy to micro-engrave, with continuous horizontal stubble, which is difficult to achieve with other woods. Therefore, furniture with a fine and heavy carving can be preliminarily judged as a piece of red sandalwood. In addition, red sandalwood has no anise, as the saying goes, 'ten sandalwood and nine empty'. The red sandalwood grows into a big material, and the center part is quasi-hollow, so no matter how expensive red sandalwood furniture is used, the materials are also carefully calculated.
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