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To buy solid wood furniture, look for the material and origin

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-15
Solid wood furniture is favored by consumers because of its natural and beautiful color and texture, durable and environmentally friendly products, but the concept of solid wood furniture on the market is confusing, and the introduction of shopping guides is often 'spoofing' and 'fake' and 'not real'. Consumer complaints have remained high. In addition, in recent years, solid wood furniture has gradually conformed to the young and fashionable route, and some new tree materials have been adopted. Consumers need to discern more carefully when purchasing. The contract should indicate the material and the place of origin. According to the national standard of 'Instructions for Use of Consumer Goods Part 6 FurnitureA few days ago, the reporter visited well-known stores in Beijing, such as Jiaranzhijia and Chengwaicheng, on the issue of the identification of solid wood furniture. After investigation, it was found that, with the exception of a few brands with simple items and incomplete content, most solid wood furniture logos conform to national standards. It is understood that a multi-drawer cabinet of Guangming Furniture, which sells solid wood furniture, clearly indicates the product name, model, specification, main material, grade, and place of origin. When introducing the product, the shopping guide also clearly informs which part is the main material, which part is the base material, and what kind of tree species are used. In the reporter's investigation, it was also found that the material label did not meet the specifications. A brand of Huanghuali furniture has placed a table with a price of 880,000 yuan in an eye-catching position, but only the words 'rosewood' are simply written on the label. According to the naming and classification regulations in 'Dark and Valuable Hardwood Furniture' (QB/T2385-2008), the product name must include the Chinese name of the timber species, the Latin name of the timber species, the number of products, and the type of product, and these 4 items must be In order. Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that the price of finished furniture products for relatively rare tree species such as rosewood and black walnut is naturally expensive, while the rubber wood that has appeared in recent years is relatively cheap. Consumers cannot judge by price alone. Before buying, they must do their homework in advance according to their own needs and have the basic ability to distinguish. In addition, Zhu Changling also emphasized that when signing the contract, the tree species and the origin of the furniture must be indicated. If problems are discovered in the future, they can be used as proof of rights protection.
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