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To be healthy and not formaldehyde, you must know the environmental protection of wooden doors!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-14
When people buy wooden doors, they often pay attention to the external and quality issues, and often ignore the environmental protection issues in wooden doors. So, what kind of wooden door is environmentally friendly? Can I buy cheap wooden doors? From a psychological point of view, cheaper prices allow consumers to buy wooden doors. However, generally speaking, wooden doors with too low prices will still have quality problems. Some wooden doors have excessive formaldehyde levels or even fail to meet national standards. Maybe the problem could not be found in the first few years, but after a few years of use, people will know that the wooden door has a limited life span and it is difficult to repair. Therefore, in order to be more assured in the future when buying, wooden doors have a longer lifespan, and wooden doors must be purchased at a reasonable price instead of being cheap. Will pure solid wood doors be environmentally friendly? Some people have said that pure solid wood doors use less glue and are definitely more environmentally friendly, because whether the wooden doors are environmentally friendly depends on whether the glue in the production process and the heavy metal content in the finish exceed the standard. The production process of solid wood doors does not use much glue, but as long as the wooden doors meet the national standards, they are environmentally friendly. Although there are many advantages of solid wood doors, the processing technology is very high, so the price is expensive, and it is a high-end consumer product. For most people, it is not an ideal wooden door product. Other wooden doors, such as solid wood composite doors, are not inferior to solid wood doors in performance. As long as they comply with national regulations during the production process, there will be no environmental protection issues, and they are more suitable for most people. Will a wooden door with a good quality mortise pattern be more environmentally friendly? Some businesses will use the wood door mortise structure to be more environmentally friendly and better quality as a promotional point, but whether this structure is better, in fact, is not the case. For wooden doors, the use of mortise joints, to a certain extent, does not use any glue, which can be said to be environmentally friendly. But the mortise joint is a relatively delicate process, which is not suitable for modern industrialized assembly line processing mode, so in actual use, it will be more prone to deformation and cracking. How to judge whether the wooden door is environmentally friendly? Insiders told us that we must first look at the environmental protection index when buying wooden doors. The formaldehyde emission of wooden doors should be less than 1.5mg/L. In addition, attention should be paid to whether the content of heavy metals exceeds the standard. For example, the soluble lead should be less than 90mg/kg, and the soluble cadmium should not be greater than 75mg/kg. According to different materials, wooden doors on the market can be divided into two types: original wooden doors and composite doors. The original wooden door, as the name suggests, all parts are processed from a single wood board, without the use of adhesives for composite splicing, and the parts are connected by a tongue-and-groove structure; while the board body of the composite door and the connection between the parts are all glued It is made by bonding agent. Generally speaking, the formaldehyde content of composite doors is much higher than that of log doors. Related reading: Are these methods really effective for removing formaldehyde? Will the original wooden door be safer and more reliable? The answer given by the industry is not necessarily, and the log door may not be absolutely safe and formaldehyde-free. Although in theory the log door is made of pure natural wood and should not contain glue and paint, in actual production, this kind of pure natural log door often has unstable quality and is prone to cracking and deformation. Therefore, the 'log doors' currently on the market are not pure log doors, and glue and paint must be used to a certain extent. With the current manufacturing process, wooden doors cannot achieve absolutely zero formaldehyde. However, a large amount of glue is used in the processing of composite doors from assembly to skinning, and pollution is more difficult to avoid. Industry insiders remind consumers that when buying wooden doors, they have the right to require businesses to issue certificates of environmental protection materials and inspection reports from authoritative departments. Many brands of wooden doors verbally emphasize the environmental protection of their products during the sales process, but they cannot provide relevant inspection basis. In this case, you must purchase with caution. Is the lower the formaldehyde emission, the better? Formaldehyde emission is an important indicator for detecting whether wooden doors are environmentally friendly. The country has corresponding standards for formaldehyde emission, but the amount of formaldehyde emission is not as low as possible. The wood-based panel substrate of the wooden door is mainly made of urea-formaldehyde resin glue as the adhesive. If the formaldehyde emission is too low, the strength of the wooden door is not guaranteed, which will affect future use. As long as the formaldehyde emission is within the standard, it is very safe and you can buy it with confidence. What should I do if I buy a wooden door with excessive formaldehyde? First of all, more ventilation can reduce indoor air pollution to a certain extent. Secondly, the use of liquid formaldehyde removal products can treat formaldehyde from the source of pollution. The most commonly used formaldehyde scavenger is photocatalyst, and the photocatalyst used on wooden doors and wooden furniture is best to choose the 'photocatalyst wood essential oil' that has a curing effect on the board. Since wooden doors are the most frequently used furniture in the home, scratches are easily generated on the surface. While the photocatalyst wood essential oil removes formaldehyde, it can also reduce scratches. Finally, solid formaldehyde removal products are easier to use. The most commonly used solid formaldehyde removal products on the market are activated carbon and Maya blue. Among the activated carbons, the most effective formaldehyde removal is 'coconut shell activated carbon' made from coconut shell, followed by bamboo charcoal. my country's mandatory standards for wooden doors stipulate that the formaldehyde emission standard of wooden doors used indoors is E1, which cannot exceed 1.5mg/L. If the formaldehyde emission of wooden doors exceeds this standard, it will easily cause indoor formaldehyde pollution to exceed the standard and harm the body. healthy. Therefore, when purchasing wooden doors, pay attention to environmental issues.
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