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Three key years of Taiwan furniture collection

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-01
The trend of furniture collection in Taiwan began in 1987, mainly due to the publication of Wang Shixiang’s book on Ming-style furniture and the opening of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait; There are not many requirements for furniture, no matter what is acceptable, but more emphasis on the requirements of the material itself, especially red sandalwood and huanghuali. Until 1995, he accumulated his vision of imported European-style furniture since the 1990s, and the pursuit of minimalism brought back by designers studying abroad. The simple and neat Ming-style furniture became very popular. At the same time, the classic Ming-style in California The Furniture Museum issued a quarterly magazine to raise everyone’s awareness of Ming-style furniture, as well as their sensitivity to authenticity and beauty. As a result, it was discovered that there were not many good furniture. Therefore, the market continued to rise. In addition, the prosperity of the United States at that time led to the museum in 1996. With the success of the collection auction, the transaction price of Chinese furniture broke past records, and subsequently aroused an upsurge in the collection of Ming-style furniture in China. Cork furniture has also risen with the tide, and European and American collectors, restaurants, and designers are also doing interior decoration or design. Both Chinese furniture are taken into consideration, but the fact is that at the time of this special auction, there is already a shortage of good Ming-style furniture on the market. In order to meet the needs of the market, many fakes have appeared. Shanxi furniture in cork is particularly in demand. Shanxi furniture is the most important kind of furniture in the north. Because it is protected by the geographical and humanistic environment, it is protected by the Taihang Mountain and the Great Wall. The war is not easy to spread, and the weather is relatively dry, which is conducive to the preservation of furniture. In addition, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, Shanxi was full of money houses and very wealthy, so Shanxi people bought the most furniture. During the Cultural Revolution, Shanxi produced enough coal and iron, so there was no need to take furniture and furniture accessories. It is used as fuel and material, and Shanxi people are very frugal and protect the furniture, so the local furniture is preserved.
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