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Three hurdles to become a red sandalwood collection

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-06
Collection grade red sandalwood furniture refers to furniture that is made strictly in accordance with traditional crafts and styles, can fully embody the essence of red sandalwood furniture, and has a high collection potential. Su Zuoru craftsman Zhang Zhengji pointed out that exquisite materials, reliable products, and exquisite craftsmanship are the three hurdles that must be overcome for the collection of red sandalwood furniture. Let's talk about the materials first. The 'Venus cow hair pattern' red sandalwood that people often say is cherished because of its scarcity. It is a super good material among the small leaf red sandalwood. The looming 'Venus' emits a fluorescent color, and its ox-hair-like patterns describe the extremely slow growth of logs. Regarding the cause of Venus, it is because the soil in the mountains is rich in heavy metals. The red sandalwood absorbs these minerals during the growth process and stores them in the brown eyes. The minerals react with the air and ultraviolet rays to produce the gold silk of Venus. In the eyes of ordinary buyers, lobular red sandalwood furniture is worth the price as long as the material is real. In fact, although the same is red sandalwood, there is a big difference in value with or without digging and repairing (using a lot of scraps to splice, polish and bond into a whole material). According to market jargon, the materials used for red sandalwood can be divided into three levels: no replenishment inside and outside, no replenishment under the light, and no replenishment inside and outside. Related reading: Muxiang washes the heart, indifferent like immortals, and then relying on 'spectrum' means that high-quality furniture must be built according to the Ming-style furniture map of the Forbidden City. At the beginning, Xiangshan helpers used hardwoods to create new furniture with true colors, which flowed to Gyeonggi and was favored by the emperor. These pieces of furniture not only represent a historical period, but also a direct manifestation of the carrier of outstanding Chinese craftsmen's craftsmanship in the past dynasties. It can be seen that the shape of a good mahogany furniture is the foundation of beauty, and those palace shapes inherit the Su Zuo culture and will surely become eternal classics. To this end, Zhang Zhengji went to the Forbidden City for many times to conduct field surveys and then drew drawings, and asked experts and professors to check the heights, backrests, and armrests of a variety of seats, so that they must be precise in shape. There are also craftsmanship, which must inherit traditional skills and must not be 'mixed with sand.' Take the raw lacquer process, as many as more than 30 procedures, a slight negligence will directly affect the quality, far more complicated than the hot wax process. In addition, raw lacquer is a natural lacquer tree sap, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, and durable paint film; hot wax raw materials are divided into edible wax and industrial paraffin. Although edible wax is environmentally friendly, industrial wax is rich in dioxins. So, what is the difference between hot wax and raw lacquer? Zhang Zhengji picked up a hot cup of tea and placed it on the wax strip table. The imprints of the cup were clearly visible; afterwards, the raw lacquer strip was warmed up with a lighter. For a long time, there was no change in the surface. The raw lacquer is not afraid of burning. What's more, red sandalwood furniture can only be made of raw lacquer to form a leather shell and a sizing. How can we talk about collection value? Mr. Zhang said that the so-called southern lacquer and northern wax are artificially fabricated because the lacquer production process on the market is on the verge of being lost. Good goods are not necessarily sold at sky-high prices, and sky-high prices are not necessarily good products. In the final analysis, companies have to feel their conscience to make red sandalwood furniture, and consumers have to rely on their own eyes to buy red sandalwood collections.
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