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'Three Guarantees' Rules for Shanghai Furniture Industry Products

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-23
Article 1 Basis of Purpose In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, it is clear that producers and sellers shall bear the responsibilities and obligations of repair, replacement, and return of furniture products (hereinafter referred to as 'three guarantees'). These rules are formulated in accordance with the 'Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China. Article 2 To correctly identify producers and sellers selling furniture products, they must indicate the place of origin, factory name, model, grade, standard, price, and auxiliary materials in accordance with relevant regulations, and they must have price verification certificates. The producer shall establish a product quality inspection agency, and a certificate of qualified product quality inspection shall include the product name, model, adopted standard, factory name and address and contact telephone number as indicated in the text. Provide consumers with qualified furniture products that meet product standards and have the same quality as the actual product and the sample. Article 3. Whoever sells, who is responsible for the producer, and the seller shall, in accordance with the principle of “who sells, who is responsible”, shall be responsible for providing necessary services to consumers, so as to be legal, reasonable, fair and just selling and buying. (1) Manufacturers and sellers must provide valid invoices, product qualification certificates, 'three guarantees' certificates and the text of the product manuals after the sale and purchase of furniture products are completed. It is not possible to guarantee the implementation of the 'Three Guarantees' regulations, no furniture products shall be sold. (2) Producers and sellers must properly handle consumer inquiries and complaints, and must not push each other. After the furniture products are sold, they should take the initiative to introduce the use and maintenance matters and the 'three guarantees' service methods to consumers. (3) The lessor of the venue shall be jointly and severally liable for the quality of the furniture products sold by the lessor of the venue before the termination of the lease contract. Article 4 'Three Guarantees' content The term of 'Three Guarantees' for furniture products is one year. It takes six months for glass mirrors to have mildew and fog, and two years for active moths. If there is a company's promise, it will be handled as promised, and if there is a furniture standard, it will be handled according to the standard. Only the repair service is provided for the processing of furniture products. The 'Three Guarantees' will be calculated from the date of issuance of valid vouchers such as invoices. Deduct the time taken for repair and replacement. (1) Guaranteed repair: Any quality problem belongs to the scope of repaired guarantee. (2) Replacement: replacement for the same defect that fails to meet the quality standard after two repairs. The product warranty period after replacement shall be recalculated from the date of replacement. (3) Guaranteed return: within the guarantee period, the same defect cannot meet the quality standard after two repairs and exchanges; the exchange cannot be made within the agreed period; the inspection is found to be unqualified. Article 5: 'Three Guarantees' services During the validity period of the 'Three GuaranteesDuring the 'Three Guarantees' period of furniture products, service fees (including materials, working hours, transportation, etc.) are exempt, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. Article 6: Whoever accepts and who responds to consumers shall be subject to written complaints. After receiving a written complaint from a consumer, the producer or seller shall give a reply within seven days in accordance with the principle of “who accepts the complaint, who will reply”, and resolve it within 30 days after the reply or within the agreed time limit. Article 7 If the scope of the non-'three guarantees' falls under one of the following circumstances, the 'three guarantees' service is not implemented, and repairs may be charged as appropriate. (1) Consumers who cause damage due to improper use, maintenance, and storage; (2) Dismantle and dismantle themselves and cause damage; (3) Without 'Three Guarantees' certificates and valid invoices, they cannot prove that their purchased products are in the 'Three Guarantees' documents. Within the validity period of the 'Three Guarantees'; (4) The model of the 'Three Guarantees' certificate does not conform to the repaired product model or is altered; (5) The period of the 'Three Guarantees' is exceeded. Article 8: Depreciation fees can be collected by producers and operators in the following situations within the validity period of the 'Three Guarantees'. (1) For those that meet the conditions of replacement; regardless of whether there are products of the same specifications and models, consumers who are unwilling to exchange other products and request return shall be returned. The furniture that has been used can be charged depreciation fees, and the depreciation fees are charged daily at a maximum of 0.1% of the transaction value. The depreciation fee is calculated from the date of issuance of valid vouchers such as invoices to the date of return. Deduct the time taken for repairs. (2) If the consumer requests a return for various reasons, the enterprise also agrees to the consumer's return request, and the amount of depreciation received shall be determined through negotiation between the two parties. Article 9 Dispute Resolution When consumers have rights and interests disputes with manufacturers or sellers due to the furniture 'three guarantees' issue, they can resolve them through the following channels. Negotiate and reconcile with producers and sellers; request consumer associations for mediation; appeal to relevant administrative agencies; appeal to arbitration agencies; Article 10 Supplementary Provisions If these rules violate relevant laws and regulations, the laws and regulations shall prevail. This rule is the basic requirement for furniture products to fulfill the 'three guarantees' responsibility, and applies to all types of furniture products produced and sold in Shanghai. Encourage all enterprises to formulate 'three guarantees' rules that are stricter than these rules. All furniture companies in the Shanghai area should exercise self-discipline and abide by these rules. If there is a serious violation of regulations that damages the rights and interests of consumers, the industry associations or consumer associations shall notify them. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be transferred to the judicial organs for investigation and punishment. These rules are interpreted by Shanghai Furniture Industry Association and Shanghai Consumers Association. This rule was revised in June 2001 and will be implemented from the date of promulgation. Shanghai Consumers Association Shanghai Furniture Industry Association June 20, 2001
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