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Three essentials of wardrobe design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-15
Many people neglect to consider the functional design of the interior of the wardrobe when designing a custom wardrobe or buying a finished wardrobe. Is the size between the cabinets reasonable, ergonomic, and whether the details are handled properly? Let’s learn about the wardrobe design requirements. Three points to note. Pay attention to details. Now, many owners make their own wardrobe body when decorating, and then go to the building materials market to customize the style of the sliding door. However, when considering the sliding door, there are often some details that are easy to overlook, resulting in some of the cabinet body. The part cannot be used normally. For example, some owners make the cabinet body into an uneven space according to their own preferences. In order to maintain the beauty of the cabinet door, the sliding door is made into three or four equal parts. However, in actual use, because the sliding door When opening a door, the other two are bound together. Therefore, when the cabinet is not equally divided, there is always a space that cannot be used. If it happens to be the position of the drawer, it will not be available. Open. The designer said that when the owner customizes the cabinet by himself, it is best to divide the space equally to avoid the embarrassing situation of blind spots in the cabinet. Extended reading: The steps and points of customizing a wardrobe are exquisite 2: It is convenient for clothing to be sorted and placed in a modern family. There are often three types of people such as elderly parents, young couples, and children. Each type of people has different requirements when using the wardrobe. One point is that many families rarely consider it when designing a wardrobe. Elderly parents usually have fewer hangings and more stacked clothes. Therefore, you can consider making more shelves and drawers when designing. Elderly people should not climb up or squat down due to their physical condition. The drawers in the closet should not be placed at the bottom level, and should be about 1 meter above the ground. If possible, it is best to consider the upper level of the closet with lifting hangers. Children’s clothing usually has fewer pendants and more stacks, and considering the placement of children’s toys, it is best to consider a large full-body cabinet when designing the wardrobe. There are only pendants on the upper level, and the lower level is vacant. It is convenient for children to open the cabinet door to pick up and store toys at any time, satisfying children's playful mentality. The clothing of young couples is diverse. Many young couples like to set aside a TV set in the middle of the wardrobe in the bedroom for easy viewing. Therefore, you can set the left and right sides of the TV as the center of the TV set as the men and women's clothing storage space. The hangers in the cabinet are usually divided into two layers, long and short, to store coats and tops separately. Shirts can also be placed in separate small drawers or shelves, so they won't crease due to excessive clothes being squeezed together. Underwear, ties and socks can be used with special small lattices, which are not only conducive to clothing maintenance, but also more intuitive and convenient to retrieve; sweaters can be placed in a deeper drawer; trousers can be stored in a dedicated rack. Extended reading: The color matching of the bedroom wardrobe is exquisite 3: Follow the wardrobe size specification Generally speaking, each storage space of the wardrobe is exquisite in size. The height of the cabinet for hanging short clothes or suits is not less than 800mm; the height of the cabinet for hanging long coats is not less than 1300mm; the height of drawers is not less than 150mm~200mm; as for the cabinet for stacking clothes, the width of the folded clothes It can be seen that the width of the cabinet is between 330mm~400mm and the height is not less than 350mm. The upper end of the whole wardrobe is usually set to place quilts and other unusual objects, and the height should not be less than 400mm. Due to the different structure of each apartment, pillars and beams may appear on the wall where the cabinet is installed. When decorating, these beams and columns should be used as much as possible to maximize the storage space of the cabinet and leave no sanitary corners. At this time, the height of the cabinet is usually 2400mm or 2300mm, but a ladder is needed to help with the height of more than 2.1 meters. Therefore, for convenience, the designer usually suggests that the cabinet should be divided into two parts, the upper layer Place quilts and other infrequently used objects, and below is the space for frequently used clothes. There is another situation that needs to be noted. Some owners like to put the drawer on one side of the cabinet, and some sliding doors will have a door cover. If there is not enough space reserved, the drawer cannot be opened after the sliding door is completed. Case.
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