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Three classification methods of mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-31
There are many ways to classify mahogany furniture, and their category names are not unified. The trouble caused by this is that consumers and collectors may not be able to clearly classify the attributes during the purchase process. Here, I will introduce you to one A more feasible method for product classification of mahogany furniture is for consumers and collectors to refer to. 1. Mahogany Art Furniture Mahogany Art Furniture is based on traditional craftsmanship, while reflecting the traditional furniture culture, it also has the innovation of the era art. This innovation includes structural innovation, and is exquisite in material selection, exquisite production, and full of appreciation. Contemporary mahogany furniture with value and collection value. Usually there are neoclassical furniture, new Shanghai style furniture, new Chinese furniture and other styles. According to the use environment, it can be divided into: living room, study, dining room, bedroom, hotel office, screen shelf and other categories. Extended reading: Modern Chinese style decoration elements 2. Classic mahogany furniture refers to the styles of Ming and Qing classics, which are made according to traditional craftsmanship, and the functions are mainly furnishings and collections. The traditional mahogany furniture is exquisitely made and beautiful in shape. The production genres usually include Su Zuo, Guang Zuo, Jing Zuo, etc. The classification method can be divided into traditional categories: table and table, stool and chair, shelf, cabinet, bed and screen seat and other categories. Extended reading: Main features of Soviet-style furniture 3. Mahogany craft furniture. This category refers to traditional crafts and practical functions. In addition to mahogany art furniture and mahogany classic furniture, they are made of mahogany materials and have both use value and craft value. Mahogany furniture, including antique furniture. The classification method of mahogany craft furniture combines the above two categories. Extended reading: Mahogany furniture craftsmanship-There are other methods for the classification of mahogany furniture. This one is clearer and clearer. It is recommended that you choose mahogany furniture based on your own hobbies based on the knowledge of mahogany furniture.
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