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This kind of wood can pretend to be six kinds of wood!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-09
While the mahogany furniture market is booming, it is driven by profits. There are many fake and inferior phenomena. We only know the phenomenon of using a certain kind of wood to pretend to be another kind of wood, but we have heard that one kind of wood can pretend to be other 6 kinds of mahogany at the same time. The peculiar material. Next, I will introduce you one by one: The first type: fake Burmese pear! The three-piece Song-style southern official hat chair made of this material is red in color, with mottled tiger skin patterns and shining waves, typical of Burmese flowers! The second type: impersonating a flower branch! The color of this sofa is yellowish purple, the black lines are interlaced, the material is hard and thin and even, but the black ribs are not particularly large or thick! The third type: Dalbergia dimple! Look at the purple-red-brown appearance, deep black streaks, and a slight yellowish tint in the red, like very slightly concave Dalbergia old material! Extended reading: The fourth type of white rosewood used in mahogany furniture: counterfeit red rosewood! The three-piece Nanguan hat chair made of this material is reddish-brown in color, and has a dripping ink line of landscape pattern, like a huge red rosewood! The fifth type: fake Vietnamese huanghuali! The color of this nine-piece dining table set is golden, and the texture stripes resemble freehand landscape paintings, and the ending is smudged with ink on paper. It is extremely beautiful, like a yellow pear! Sixth: Counterfeit Hainan Huanghuali! The round-corner cabinet made of this material presents a purple-yellow texture with a dark brown texture. The black pattern on the door panel is like an animal meticulous painting, and the pattern is unpredictable! The black stripes are smooth and vivid, and indulge freely! In fact, the above pieces of furniture are all made of white rosewood. White rosewood is the most peculiar wood in China. It can pretend to be six kinds of wood at the same time without being seen through. Among them, imitating the sky-high price of huanghuali is the most similar, although it has greatly affected the market. It is confusing, but it also shows from the side that the 'versatile' of white rosewood makes people hard to guard against, and they are all amazed!
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