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There is a big difference between iron wood and iron sword wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-04
Tielimu and Tiedaomu are only one word difference, and the word 'knife' and 'force' are quite close, so these two species seem to be inextricably linked, and they have somehow disturbed the first time in the collection world. Mahogany lovers are confused. Many people confuse 'Tielimu' and 'Tielimu' and mistakenly think that 'Tielimu' and 'Tielimu' are the same kind of wood, but the two names appeared because of a clerical error. However, Hongmu experts told reporters that 'Tie Limu' u200bu200band 'Iron Knife Wood' are not only different from each other, but also have a fundamental difference between the two. Below, experts teach you how to distinguish between ironwood and iron sword wood. 1. Ironwood—Garciniaceae, Ironwood of the genus Ironwood (non-redwood) Ironwood, also known as Ironwood Ironwood Commonly known as: Ironwood, Iron chestnut, Ironwood, grid wood, Agarwood, etc. At present, it does not belong to the 34 species of mahogany in five genera and eight categories. However, ironwood wood has a large proportion and high hardness. It is a rare 'heavy wood' mainly distributed in tropical Asia, such as India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Indochina, as well as my country’s Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guangdong. There are also cultivation in other places. Ironwood can be subdivided into two types: thick wire ironwood and thin wire ironwood. Thick wire ironwood is the main material for furniture. The wood color is dark brown, the texture is thick and long, and the brown eyes have different lengths and are evenly distributed. , And some are twisted filaments. The color of the thin iron iron wood is reddish brown, and the texture is natural and beautiful. It is a bit close to wenge, and the hand feels smooth. The iron wood furniture with patina is similar to mahogany furniture, but it is easy to find the difference between it and the wenge wood. The wood grain is coarse and the grain is straight. Compared with other mahogany, the price of ironwood is slightly lower and there are large materials. Therefore, the craftsmen used loose materials during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and they were often used to make large pieces of furniture. With the increasing scarcity of mahogany timber, Tielimu, as a famous and precious hardwood species, has become increasingly popular in the raw material market, and its value has doubled. It has become one of the main materials for the production of high-end solid wood furniture. The pods contain tannins, which can be extracted from tannin extract. Lac insects can be stocked on the branches to produce lac. Extended reading: Tree species and classification of mahogany furniture material 2. Iron sword wood-Leguminosae, Iron sword genus, Wenge wood (mahogany) Iron sword wood, also known as black heart wood Iron sword wood, commonly known as black heart tree, black heart wood, etc., belongs to Leguminous plants, sage sylvestris, wenge genus, the 'Redwood Standards' published in 2000 included saccharums into the ranks of mahogany. The wood is native to subtropical regions such as India, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam, and is planted in Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, and Yunnan of China. The wood grain of the wood is finer and the grain is ring-shaped. The difference between the heartwood and sapwood is obvious. The sapwood is yellow-white or white, and the heartwood is dark red or purple-brown. It is black when exposed to the atmosphere. It is also called ebony. The wood of iron knives often has black stripes, and the pipe holes are visible to the naked eye. The new cut surface has a sour smell or the smell of Chinese herbal medicine, and the taste is slightly bitter. The wood of iron sword wood is hard and heavy. It is not easy to process, difficult to saw and plan, and iron nails are also difficult to nail in. It is really difficult to penetrate with swords and axes. Therefore, it is called iron sword wood. It is a good material for construction and production tools, furniture, musical instruments, etc. . Extended reading: Why is the national standard of mahogany now 33 kinds of wood? Because the growth cycle of iron sword wood is about 100 years, the output of logs is less, so it is more precious. It has become the top-quality rosewood after red sandalwood, rosewood and rosewood. Its log market price is 4 per ton. Around ten thousand yuan. In addition, the wood of iron knives is toxic, and it is easy to harm people's eyes during processing, so special attention should be paid to it during processing.
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