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There are so many new Chinese modern solid wood furniture, why do everyone favor Nanmu Family?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-01
In recent years, with the strengthening of people's environmental protection concepts and the improvement of cultural literacy, more and more people have begun to have a strong interest in new Chinese modern solid wood furniture. As a result, new Chinese modern solid wood furniture companies on the market have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. In the mighty new Chinese modern solid wood furniture torrent, Huari Home Furnishing Nanmu Family has to mention. As a typical representative of new Chinese modern solid wood furniture, it is favored by consumers of all ages. So, there are so many new Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture, why do so many people favor it? Today, let's take a look at the popular way of new Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture Nanmu family. For high-end taste, ladies and gentlemen are the first choice. As people age and experience enrichment, more and more people hope to improve themselves by pursuing better things. They hope that they can have more experience, higher-end taste, better temperament, and a better life experience. The Nanmu family fits this current concept of people who pursue high-quality life. It is not only elegant in appearance, but also rich in cultural connotation, which is favored by many ladies and gentlemen. The elegant and calm tones show the master's calm and introverted and elegant and noble temperament; the hand-carved chilong pattern, phoenix pattern, auspicious cloud pattern, etc. let the Nanmu family show the unique meaning of the East; inherit the ancient tenon and tenon craftsmanship, will The natural and close integration of the components... it is not only a pleasing furniture, it is also a work of art worth collecting. Health and environmental protection, European E0 environmental protection standards, whether it is new Chinese modern solid wood furniture, panel furniture or furniture of other materials, in addition to price, people should be most concerned about environmental protection. However, with so many business routines nowadays, even if they are buying solid wood furniture, many consumers often have concerns. On the issue of environmental protection, Nanmu Family has eliminated people's worries in this regard. As one of the Huari household products with 46 years of solid wood history, Nanmu Family has no doubt about its quality assurance. First of all, it uses large-format materials to join the board, and the amount of glue is small; in addition, the Nanmu family is made of solid wood, which does not contain any artificial boards such as density board and particleboard; in the paint, the Dutch Royal DSM (DSM) resin paint is used After polishing and polishing several times, this paint is widely used in food, medical, personal care and cosmetics fields. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, but also retains the wood texture of the Nanmu family. As solid wood furniture, the environmental protection standards of Nanmu Family's products have reached the European E0 standard (formaldehyde emission ≤0.5㎎/L). Extended reading: New Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture, Nanmu Family creates your ideal home life! It is a classic of time and can stand the test of time. I think this slogan that once swept the world well illustrates what a classic is. In the furniture industry, it can be said that 'furniture lasts forever, and one piece will be passed on forever'. A classic piece of furniture will not lose its original brilliance because of the passage of time, on the contrary, it will exude a more unique charm in the long river of time. Nanmu Family is also a classic among new Chinese modern solid wood furniture. This is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the classic design. Nanmu Family is a product series originally designed by Huari Home Furnishing. From the hand-carved classic elements of traditional culture to the fashionable and convenient design of Liuyun handle and lotus handle, every detail of Nanmu Family will bring small surprises to consumers. On the other hand, the Nanmu family is the first in the industry to use Myanmar imported Nanmu as the furniture material. Because of its superiority in insect-proof and anti-corrosion performance and the 46-year solid wood craftsmanship of Huari Home Furnishing, the durable quality of the Nanmu family also makes a lot of consumers. The person admired. Of course, in addition to the above points, there are many other popular factors for the Nanmu family, such as the super high cost performance, the 45-year brand accumulation of Huari Home Furnishing, and so on. These are all important factors for the popularity of the Nanmu family. In short, the Nanmu family has become a classic and widely popular. It depends not only on its eye-catching appearance, but also on the life philosophy and cultural connotation it conveys. It conforms to the spiritual pursuit of consumers in the fast era, and makes furniture reach people's hearts. (Net Chen Min)
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