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There are many types of oak flooring? Fudeli takes you inventory!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-20
Oak has a history of nearly a thousand years. There are many types of oak in the world, and the oak produced in different regions and countries is also different, from American red oak to French oak, German oak, and Ukrainian oak, etc. What is the difference between oak? Regarding these, as the originator of domestic oak flooring and the expert of oak flooring, I will take you to find out! ▼American Oak 1776 United States Declaration of Independence signed on the Red Oak Table American Oak includes the United States Red oak and North American white oak, and the most well-known is red oak, which is widely used in the production of floors and furniture. Compared with other oaks, American red oak is hard and heavy, coupled with high breaking strength and full earthquake resistance. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and is the best flooring material for residential and commercial projects. The texture of American red oak is more rough and bold, and the color is more rosy. When used in the home, people experience the retro feeling of American manor, and adds a bit of enthusiasm and vitality to the home. ▼The French oak tree is a precious gift from God to France. In France, sustainable development of oak resources began 400 years ago, and oak trees that are 150 years old are required to be felled. A glass of top wine is like a glass of magic water, and oak barrels are the source of this magic. Only oak barrels made of 20% of the 'fine selection' in the well-known oak production areas can give the top wines mesmerizing. Magic. Fudeli French Oak Floor selects 100-year-old oak raw materials from the Ardennes forest area. The Ardennes forest area has experienced the baptism of World War II, making the century-old oak in the forest area tough and delicate. When the workers cut the wood, they can still find bullets. The traces below show the vicissitudes of beauty and royal qualities that have been baptized over the years. ▼German Oak German 'Oak Tree Moon Old' began with the first Germanic tribe in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, and oak has been with their lives and integrated into the blood of this nation. An old oak tree in Dudao Forest that is more than 600 years old is called 'Oak Moon Lao'. This tree is designed to deliver courtship letters to people and has already achieved countless marriages. The German Army uses the Oak Leaf Medal as a symbol of honor, and even has its sound and shadow on German coins. The tough and long-lasting quality of the oak tree has been revered by many Germans. In Germany, strict development policies stipulate that every oak tree must be grown for decades before it can be felled. Therefore, most German oak trees have a long age, with long wood rays, different shades of lines and natural scattered scars. It has a more time-honored atmosphere, and even the plain board without any retouching can reveal an extraordinary sense of quality. Related reading: Why is oak flooring more popular? Futeli, who has been focusing on solid wood for 22 years, says ▼Ukrainian oak is different from other European oak producing areas in natural climate and environment. Two-thirds of Ukraine's land area is covered by black soil and is fertile The soil and rich mineral deposits have cultivated Ukrainian oak with rich texture and rich texture, fresh and full-bodied log color, and relaxation of mountain lines. Fudeli Ukrainian oak flooring respects every inch of nature’s creation, and appropriately uses mountain-shaped wood grain, natural scarring and other characteristics, combined with the drawing process and pure natural vegetable oil lacquer, its color and texture are simple, minimal, rustic, etc. The living space reflects each other and blends, making it more individual and calm in the ordinary. There are so many kinds of oak that are used to pave the floor, but which is your favorite? (Author: Wang Chen Huaqiang)
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