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The world's most-the lightest wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-20
I have heard about mahogany and hardwood before, but today we discovered that there is a famous kind of wood-balsa wood among the many woods. Balsa wood, as the name suggests, is very light wood. Don't underestimate it, it is said to be the least dense wood in the world. We think that if it goes to apply for the Guinness Book of Records, it is estimated that it has already dominated one side. Now let us see where this balsa wood is sacred. Balsa wood is native to South America and the West Indies. The locals call it 'Balsa'. It is the only evergreen medium tree in the Ceiba family and Balsa genus. Characteristics of balsa Balsa is one of the fastest-growing tree species in the world. It can grow to 5-6 meters in a year with a diameter of 5-13 cm. A 10-year-old balsa tree can reach a height of 16 meters and a diameter of 50-60 cm. Due to the rapid renewal of cell tissues in the body, all parts of the plant are unusually soft and flexible. Its trunk is tall and straight, and its bark is brown. The leaves are broad and heart-shaped and grow alternately on the branches. The flowers are large, yellow and white in color, and are born in the upper layer of the canopy. It bears an oblong capsule with a squishy tuft and is composed of five fruit petals. The seeds are obovate, light red or brown, densely fluffy on the outside, like cotton seeds. Balsa is also the lowest density wood in the world, with a density of about 0.12g/cm3. The wood has a straight grain, a thin and uniform structure, and is very light and soft, so its strength and impact toughness are very low, and it is easy to process. However, if the planer is not sharp, the surface of the board is prone to hairy. A survey has shown that an adult can carry a balsa wood that is 8 times larger than his own, and a balsa plank can be easily lifted even by a child. It can be seen that the lightness of balsa wood is not a name for itself. Advantages and applications The advantages of balsa wood with small density and light weight are suitable for making balsa sailboats, balsa surfboards, hulls, full-size airplanes, land vehicles, racing cars, etc. The floor of the Corvette car on the 50th anniversary of the Corvette Chevrolet sports car is made of balsa (Beisai) wood core. The internal honeycomb structure not only effectively reduces the vibration and noise of the car , But also enhance the strength of the car floor. Balsa wood is easy to process and is a good material for making model simulation sculptures, bird chew toys, puzzle boards, and military models. Aircraft model Balsa has the advantages of good stability, uniform material and low thermal conductivity, so it is often used as an insulating material. Balsa wood has a good sound insulation effect and is one of the main materials for modern sound insulation board production. It is also made into room doors to have a good sound insulation effect. The light wood floor is soft, easy to paint, affordable, and has the characteristics of not eating insects and ants, and is often used in home decoration. Related reading: Commonly used tree species names and misleading names in the market. Light wood is light, soft and flexible, and is rarely used in furniture production. Richard Blumer (Riccardo Blumer, Italian architect and furniture designer) made a chair weighing only 1,300 grams from balsa wood, called the 'Laleggera' chair. The chair won the Compassod'Oro in 1998. It shows the effect of combining natural and artificial materials. The following shows you a group of home views made of light wood furniture. Furniture made of balsa wood looks the same as solid wood on the surface, but its price advantage is really exciting. We look forward to making new breakthroughs in the production process of balsa wood, which will be more widely used in the furniture industry.
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