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The world's heaviest wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-20
Last time we introduced to you the lightest wood in the world, so today we will take a look at what is said to be the heaviest wood in the world. Many people think that the heaviest wood is the iron tree. Its name sounds like it is powerful and strong. Who will dominate if it does not dominate? But this is not the case. The heaviest wood in the world should be snake-grain wood, it is the world's most worthy of the timber industry. The characteristics of snake wood snake wood is also known as snake mulberry, Morace (Morace), snake mulberry (Piratinera). The scientific name is Piratinea quianensis, the trade name is Snakewood, Letterwood. Small canopy arbor, no roots, 25m high, 15m trunk, 30-50 cm in diameter. This tree species is a rare and endangered plant in the world, and one of the most precious woods in the world. The numbers are scarce and scattered in the primitive jungles near the Amazon River Basin in South America, making logging extremely difficult. It is said that the collection of snake wood requires 5-8 local aboriginals to go into the mountains to look for them. After they are found, they will be carefully marked, and then they will be harvested and transported. The difference between the sapwood and heartwood of serpentine wood is dark reddish brown, wide sapwood, and pale yellowish white. Strong luster, fine structure, straight texture. Diffuse porous material, the diameter of the catheter is thin, the parenchyma is adjacent to the tube, and the wood rays are thin. The wood is very heavy and strong, with an air-dry density of 1.20—1.36g/cm3, which is the densest wood in the world. The density of snake wood has long given its advantages in hardness and weight. It is said that an adult uses an electric planer to process snake-grain wood, and it takes a long time to plan a small amount of sawdust. The normal wood processing plant is unwilling to take up the job of cutting snake wood. Features and applications Snake wood has unique patterns, these dark patterns are formed by resin, the decorative effect is excellent, not comparable to ordinary tree patterns. The presidential suite of The Peninsula Hong Kong, Bill Gates, one of the top ten hotels in the world, and the mansion of the world's richest man Bill Gates have used snake wood to decorate the interior. The heartwood of serpentine wood is extremely resistant to corrosion and insects, with a smooth cut surface and good polishability. Snake grain wooden palace armchair three-piece furniture made of snake grain wood is usually defined as high-end artwork and is collected by domestic and foreign furniture collectors. Because the surface of snake wood is smooth, it has better gloss after painting, and it is also very beautiful if it is polished and waxed directly without painting. Related reading: The three major tribute trees of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Hainan Huanghuali, Small Leaf Pterocarpus and Siamese Rosewood. The snake-like wood has a straight stem and does not have the defects of 'ten sandalwood and nine empty'. It is very suitable for making all kinds of objects. A large area of u200bu200bsnake-grain wood is usually used to make furniture, art crafts, and interior decoration. However, some European and American professional wood companies sell these wood in small pieces, which are very popular in the handicraft industry. Trees are scarce, and the heartwood yield rate is only about 10%, so snake wood is very expensive. Snake grain wood cane In Japan and Korea, snake grain wood is called the 'diamond in wood'. It is said that an ordinary snake grain wooden walking stick can be bought in Japan for 400,000 yen (approximately RMB 25,000 per hand). Therefore, snake wood is also the heart of the rich and a symbol of wealth. Snake wood walking sticks and snake wood golf clubs have become new ways to show off their wealth. Snake wood has high density, strong hardness and unique texture, making it suitable for making various musical instruments. Baroque bows Baroque bows made of serpentine wood are expensive in the European and American markets, with a price of up to 3,100 US dollars.
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