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The value of wood leftovers that cannot be underestimated

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-29
Nowadays, due to factors such as environmental protection and beauty, all kinds of solid wood furniture are an indispensable part of people's lives. The processing procedures of a piece of solid wood furniture include cutting, drying, planing, carving, carpentry, sanding, painting and waxing, etc. In each step of the process will inevitably produce residual material. So how did these remnants come from, how much remnants are there, and how should they be processed? First of all, there are roughly 5 main residual materials. They are: 1. Bark residual material 2. Natural wood defect residual material 3. Cutting residual material 4. Carving residual material 5. Sawdust and wood powder. What are the ways to deal with them that can give full play to their value? 1. Direct burning. Most companies have their own drying workshops. Burning the remaining materials can provide part of the energy supply. This method is popular with most companies because of its simplicity and direct effectiveness. But it is undeniable that the potential value of wood itself is far greater than the value provided by it being burned, and it is a great waste to deal with it in this way. 2. The method of selling cheaply seems to be simpler. It can not only solve the waste accumulation caused by workshop production, but also improve the working environment of workers. At the same time, the remaining materials sold can be directly converted into income from funds. But in fact, the price of surplus materials resold in this way is very low. The price of 1 ton of surplus materials is about 800-1000 yuan, which is far from the price of purchased materials. For example, Siamese rosewood, the price at the time of purchase was more than 400,000 tons. 3. Design and re-engineering Some mahogany furniture companies will make leftover materials into decorative objects or handicrafts such as bracelets. This way of design and re-engineering makes the remaining materials create a value far greater than the material itself. However, considering labor and equipment, this method is still difficult to achieve on a large scale. Some other processing methods include making production tools, as furniture fillings, and so on. Related reading: Red sandalwood furniture prices have soared. Red sandalwood decorations are favored by the market. 4. Making wood-based panels. It seems that there are few companies that make wood-based panels using furniture surplus materials as raw materials in the Chinese market, but there are already quite mature processes in foreign countries. . For example, the German Maier company is a world-renowned professional equipment supplier for wood-based wood chips and shavings preparation systems. As early as the early 1990s, they developed a standard multi-machine configuration system for waste wood recycling. There are also many related manufacturers in China. The drum chipper they produce can crush furniture scraps and obtain good-shaped veneer wood chips, while the three-rotor hammer planer can break veneer wood chips into craft shavings. At the same time, they are different The shape of the screen can control the shape and size of the shavings and the ratio of the core layer of shavings. However, because solid wood furniture factories generally do not have a production line to make wood-based panels, they must purchase equipment if they want to make wood-based panels. One side is the profit that can be obtained by selling, and the other side is the need to invest and the return is far away. Most companies choose the former. 5. The large amount of organic solid waste contained in organic fertilizers and other residual materials can not only assist in the production of fertilizers, but also can be directly made into organic fertilizers, and at the same time, it can be converted into charcoal for use through pyrolysis. At the same time, wood waste can also be used as biomass fuel. The country has already set relevant environmental protection requirements for coal-fired boilers, and many places have begun to implement them. Biomass pellet fuel is a kind of clean renewable energy, does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, so it will not pollute the environment and is an ideal alternative fuel for traditional energy. After reading so many treatment methods above, I believe that people have a certain degree of understanding of the value of wood residue. It is also obvious which of these methods is better or worse. If the precious solid wood remnants can be re-developed and reused, and popularized, I believe that the use of social resources, environmental protection and the further development of the industry will be beneficial. Making good use of the remaining furniture materials and letting every piece of wood play its due value is a problem that every furniture company should think about and an unshirkable responsibility.
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