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The Value Judgment Method of Mahogany Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-31
The value of mahogany furniture needs to take into account the shape, material, art and charm of the furniture, and cannot be determined simply by the material. The raw materials with beautiful wood grain, elegant and generous shape, exquisite craftsmanship and evocative classical beauty are the core elements. The real mahogany furniture is made of mahogany specified in the national standard 'Redwood' as the raw material. The furniture made from this retains the original texture of the wood, and it is quite simple and natural without losing its grade. It is durable and not easily outdated. It reflects the artistic atmosphere and vitality of people pursuing freedom and yearning for a better spiritual life. When buying mahogany furniture, you must buy furniture made of high-quality and authentic mahogany materials to be the real mahogany furniture. The mortise and tenon structure of the rosewood mat chair in the Republic of China is the soul of classical furniture. Modern furniture craftsmen should also follow the wisdom of the ancients when making mahogany furniture. Use the full tenon and tenon structure to make mahogany furniture. unqualified product. The beautiful mahogany furniture is very exquisite in shape, and the moldings and carvings can reflect its rich connotation and elegant style. The shape is not only integrated with the Chinese classical environment, but also with the modern living environment. It is also a symbol of the user's taste and spiritual realm. A set of beautiful mahogany furniture is very stylish in the home. In the late Qing Dynasty, a large case of carved rosewood and floral patterns. The case of red sandalwood and sword legs has excellent workmanship and coordination of the proportions of the composition. On the furniture, from the top cabinet door to the small openwork on the back of the chair, the size and proportion of the pattern and the positional relationship are very important. The positional relationship must conform to the 'golden section' aesthetic law, so that it looks comfortable and harmonious. In addition, the 'points, lines, and surfaces' of the furniture must be comprehensive. A good piece of furniture not only looks beautiful and beautiful, but also meticulously and does not cut corners in the invisible places, which is a truly responsible attitude to users. . The wood grain of mahogany furniture is a major key to the ornamentation. The wood grain of the rosewood is shallow and thin, straight as a vertical line; the wood grain of the rosewood is thick and black, and it is curved like water waves; the wood grain of the chicken wings is curved like peaks and mountains, and you can see it at a glance. Extended reading: How to use walnut oil and beeswax for mahogany furniture maintenance The mahogany furniture made of single-plank materials is even more valuable. Qing huanghuali high waisted horseshoe feet three-screen single-panel enclosure cabinet with single-panel tops Qing mahogany single-panel top cabinets. In the process of purchasing mahogany furniture, you need to look at the product qualification certificate, product quality express certificate, product instruction manual, which are in these certificates The product model, size, material botanical name, wood origin, production process, brand, etc. will be indicated in detail. If possible, you can also visit the manufacturer to see the manufacturer's production qualification, production scale, production equipment, production process, production technology, etc., which are the guarantee of product quality and after-sales service.
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