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The upstart in the furniture family---Hinoki

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-17
Red cypress and cypress are collectively referred to as cypress. The survival of cypress is only found in North America, Japan and the Alishan area of u200bu200bTaiwan. The cypress forest is the oldest ecosystem in Taiwan and is the world's top ancient treasure along with ginkgo and metasequoia. Red cypress is the main afforestation tree species in Taiwan. Its wood is light and red, with fine and firm texture, and contains a lot of oil. It is slightly fragrant and has no pungent taste, and has high resistance to decay, so it is not easy to decay. It grows between 1700 meters and 3000 meters above sea level in mountainous areas. It is a specialty of Taiwan and is known as the sacred tree. In Taiwan, there are the famous Lala Mountain sacred tree group, Guanwu cypress sacred tree group, snow mountain sacred tree and Alishan sacred tree. Cypress is not only a high-grade material for construction and furniture, but also its medicinal value is very high. The cypress exudes a romantic and charming fragrance, which is rich in fendol essence, which will not change for 100 years. Medical experts point out that anions are good for human health; and in nature, there are more anions than waterfalls, streams, rainfall, and fresh air produced by photosynthesis of green plants. Cypress grows in the high-cold and deep mountains, standing unshakable for thousands of years, absorbing the world and the sun. The essence of the moon therefore accumulates a large amount of phendoxin, becoming the most oxygen-carrying species in the plant. In addition, it is recorded in the medicine book that Hinoki leaf is used as medicine, it has the effects of cooling blood to stop bleeding, dispelling wind and dampness, and cooling and astringent. Hinoki fruit is used as medicine to nourish blood vessels, nourish and strengthen, calm the mind, nourish blood, stop sweating and moisturize dryness. It has a laxative effect. The cypress essential oil developed by Ya Gedan focuses on 'stimulationThe smell of cypress can calm your soul, making you feel like walking in the mountains and forests and enjoying the baptism of nature! In the past 100 years, foreign regimes have rushed to exterminate Taiwan’s greatest and most rare living fossil giants. People of insight are calling for our generation to not dissipate the natural heritage of 2.5 million years of evolution and inheritance. To avenge the juniper soul who lost thousands of lives in Huangquan! Under the active appeal of the people, the Taiwan government has taken measures to restrict and protect the logging of cypress. Cypress is becoming a fashion item for furniture and daily life.
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