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The types of phoebe furniture and the advantages and disadvantages of phoebe furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-24
The nanmu furniture we often refer to is actually just a general term. Phoebe furniture can be divided into nanmu furniture, golden nanmu furniture, and water nanmu furniture. That is to say, there are three types of nanmu, namely, nanmu, golden nanmu and nanmu. Among them, golden nanmu is the most precious. According to Gu Yingtai, a beginner in the late Ming and Qing dynasties, in his 'Natural HistoryPhoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe is more fragrant in the south, the wood is slightly purple and fragrant, and the pattern is beautiful. The wood of Phoebe Phoebe is slightly purple and has a delicate fragrance, and the texture is very beautiful and natural. The wood of Phoebe Phoebe is softer than Phoebe Phoebe and Golden Phoebe, so it is called Phoebe Phoebe. The wood of Phoebe phoenix is u200bu200bslightly purple, and the fragrance is very delicate and persistent, so it is named Phoebe phoenix. Although its material is not as fine as that of Phoebe chrysanthemum, its texture is very beautiful. Phoebe is mostly produced in southern Fujian, Taiwan, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan and other places, and is distributed in Japan and Vietnam abroad. Phoebe pheasantii is named because of the golden thread-like texture in the wood grain of nanmu. This kind of nanmu is one of the most precious types of wood. The golden thread is out of the river in the river, and the wood grain has golden threads. Seeing Xiang Mingzhi, Bai Shuo is cute. The most beautiful of nanmu, the sun or the pattern of the landscape. The wood grain of Phoebe chinensis is mixed with gold threads. What is even more rare is that some nanmu materials form natural mountain figures. Therefore, Phoebe chinensis is the best and most expensive kind of phoebe. Among the furniture handed down from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, nanmu furniture also accounted for a large proportion. The royal artifacts before the late Ming Dynasty were basically nanmu fetus. For example, the golden lacquered throne in the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City is made of phoebe wood; the screens and ceremonial guards behind the throne are made of phoebe wood. The use of these concealed golden scallops puts a veil of mystery on the golden scallops, and some people call them the 'emperor's wood'. The color of Shui Nan Shui Nan is clear and the wood is very loose, such as water poplar, and the hangings can be used as tables and stools. Although Phoebe is not a good kind of phoebe, it is generally used to make small furniture such as tables, chairs and stools, but its light color and soft material are also a great choice for making these small furniture. Related reading: Phoebe furniture. The advantages and disadvantages of fine wood furniture in Chinese classical furniture. Phoebe furniture, as a domestic high-end furniture in my country, also has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 1. Nanmu furniture is not easy to be deformed. The growth cycle of Nanmu for hundreds of years has resulted in that the wood of Nanmu is very tight. Therefore, Nanmu furniture used for manufacturing is rarely deformed or cracked. This is what other materials have furniture. Features. 2. Phoebe furniture has strong insect resistance. It is a common phenomenon that wood is eaten by insects, and it is also the biggest natural enemy of wood. Phoebe wood is relatively easy to be eaten by insects during the growth period. Once mature, the wood contains a unique fragrance. The fragrance has the effect of repelling mosquitoes, so nanmu furniture has strong insect resistance. 3. Phoebe furniture has strong corrosion resistance. Phoebe is a tree grown in the subtropical zone. Its growth cycle lasts for hundreds of years, so it is extremely precious. Phoebe has excellent corrosion resistance. Even in extremely humid and hot environments, phoebe furniture will not be oxidized and corroded. Therefore, since ancient times, phoebe has been used to make furniture in large quantities. 4. Phoebe furniture has good cold resistance. Phoebe itself is mild, and it is not cold even in winter. The wood of phoebe furniture is dense, and the internal temperature is little affected by the external environment, so it also has good cold resistance in winter. The disadvantages of Nanmu furniture Nanmu furniture is much heavier than ordinary furniture, and the price of Nanmu furniture is not affordable for ordinary consumers. What is the market price of nanmu furniture? According to our understanding, the price of ordinary nanmu furniture on the market is at least 10,000 yuan, while the price of nanmu furniture for auction is mostly hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan. Phoebe furniture has high economic value and collection value, but the price of phoebe logs is very expensive. Take golden phoebe for example, the price of golden phoebe logs is generally more than 5,000 yuan per square depending on the wood. The price of golden nanmu logs is as high as tens of thousands per square meter. Related Reading: Golden Phoebe in the Forbidden City
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