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The types of furniture are classified by basic functions

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-12
Furniture is indispensable in our daily life, but do we know what their classification is? Here is your analysis of the types of furniture classified by basic functions: 1. Supporting furniture refers to furniture that directly supports the human body, and it is also called sitting and sleeping furniture. This kind of furniture should be one of the earliest types of furniture formed in human history. It is one of the daily necessities used and created consciously by the unawareness of the early humans. It is also a civilized behavior of early humans to bid farewell to animal behavior and living habits. Physical evidence. People have the longest distance from supporting furniture in a person's life, and it is the most widely used and most widely used type of furniture. Including stools, chairs, sofas, beds, etc. 1. The basic form of stool stool furniture is composed of a support body and a seat surface. It has a simple structure, convenient use and diverse materials. From ancient times to the present, there are maza, square stool, pier stool, long stool, bench and other forms. Different countries and regions have incorporated their own unique cultural factors into their shapes, in various forms. Stool furniture is mainly for convenience, mostly for temporary rest, and does not require high comfort. The materials are even more diverse, such as wood, stone, rattan, metal, plastic and so on. 2. Chairs Chairs are different from stools in that they have backrests or armrests above the seat surface. Those with armrests are called armchairs, and those without armrests can be called backrest chairs. At the beginning of its birth, the chair was a materialized form of authority, which played a role in distinguishing and symbolizing the identity and rank of users. Today, chairs are widely used, including office chairs, dining chairs, and leisure chairs. Because it can be used as a load-bearing furniture for sitting and sitting for a long time, out of consideration of people's health, life and environment, chairs have higher and higher requirements for the correctness of use and comfort in terms of shape, structure, and material. 3. Sofa sofa is also a form of seating. It is derived from the combination of the early western couch and the upholstered armchair. It is the product of the early western upper class people's pursuit of a more comfortable lifestyle and salon gatherings. The sofa uses elastic materials such as springs or sponges as seat cushions, and the seat surface is lined with gorgeous fabric or leather, which is comfortable and generous. After more than one hundred years of development, the sofa has developed from the original single form to a single sofa, two-seater sofa, three-seat sofa, four-seater sofa, modular sofa, sofa bed and other forms. The structural materials and fabrics have also been enriched. Colorful, has become one of the must-have furniture in a family today. 4. Beds Beds are conventional furniture used during sleep and rest, and occupy an extremely important position in daily life. After work, people consciously use natural objects to meet their sleep needs in order to restore their own physical and mental functions. In order to meet the maximum physical relaxation, they will choose to lie on a flat and dry slate or lawn. This is the bed. Prototype. In the era of settlement, people will collect various materials to imitate them when there are no ready-made sleeping devices. After thousands of years of development, beds have undergone great changes from ancient times to the present. Now, according to the needs of function and space, there are various types of work such as single beds, double beds, and folding beds. 2. Pingyi type furniture Pingyi type furniture refers to a part of the furniture structure related to the human body and the other part related to objects. It is mainly used for people to rely on and work at desks, and also has the function of storing items. There are two categories: one is desks, including writing desks, office desks, work tables, conference tables, dining tables (tables), dressing tables, computer desks, desks, etc.; Flower table (frame), Kang table, etc. 3. Storage furniture Storage furniture is furniture used to display clothing, bedding, books, food, utensils, utensils or display decorations, etc. It mainly deals with the relationship between objects and the second is between people and objects. The relationship is to satisfy the convenience when people use it. It is usually named after the space used or the type of storage items, such as large closets, small closets, chests of drawers, bedside cabinets, bookcases, filing cabinets, desk TV cabinets, decorative (interval) cabinets, sideboards, etc.
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