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The truth is! There are four major mysteries of panel furniture wood!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-10
In daily life, consumers are familiar with the names of wood-based panels such as particleboard, fiberboard, and blockboard. However, due to the false propaganda of sales staff, consumers have certain misunderstandings about various panels. As the saying goes, 'Paper packs can't keep fireFollow along and be a detective to uncover the four mysteries of the plate! Mystery 1: Particleboard is more environmentally friendly than MDF? Because the two types of particle board are made of wood processed and crushed and mixed with adhesive, the amount of glue determines the amount of its chemical composition, that is, its environmental protection level. Most consumers are very concerned about which of these two kinds of boards is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, when promoting their products, many salespeople often mislead consumers in order to increase sales, saying that particleboard is more environmentally friendly than MDF. Experts from China Furniture Association told reporters: 'Qualified, that is, the environmental protection degree of MDF and particleboard that meet the national standard is the same. There is no more environmentally friendly statement.' The difference between MDF and MDF is: The raw material of particleboard is not completely crushed into fibers, but is crushed into particles, which is commonly referred to as shavings, and then laminated with glue; while for density boards, wood raw materials are completely pulverized into fibers and then added with glue. Combined. The density of particleboard is close to that of medium density fiberboard, but because the particleboard is made of particle material and glued together, its density is uneven, the middle is low, and the two ends are high, so its nail holding force is lower than that of medium density fiberboard. Moreover, the surface of the MDF is more delicate and the flatness is higher than that of the particleboard. However, compared to MDF, particleboard is better in terms of moisture absorption and moisture resistance, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, it can be said that qualified MDF and particleboard only have their own advantages in function, and there is no one that is more environmentally friendly. Extended reading: Solid wood particle board or MDF? The whole wardrobe board purchase guide Mystery 2: Blockboard type solid wood board? Blockboard solid wood board is durable and has natural texture. Most of it has the unique fragrance of natural wood, has good moisture absorption and air permeability. It is good for human health and does not cause environmental pollution. It is a high-quality board for making high-end furniture and decorating houses. . The blockboard is also called a large core board, which is made by cutting logs into strips, splicing them into cores, and processing the outer veneers. People like healthy and pollution-free furniture, so many sales staff will introduce environmental protection panels. In fact, the big core panels are artificial panels that contain adhesives. Mystery 3: Solid wood particle board is a 'new environmentally friendly product'? MDF and particleboard have never reached the national standards, so the panel furniture made of them has many indoor pollution cases, thus forming a 'notorious' effect. Therefore, many sales staff came up with a loss strategy and gave new names to these two types of boards, calling MDF as particle board and particle board as particle board. This kind of 'selling dog meat' has had a great impact on consumers. Particle board The particle board of solid wood particle board has a relatively uniform structure and good processing performance. It can be processed into large-format panels according to needs. It is a good raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished product particleboard does not need to be dried again, can be used directly, and has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties. You can't just name it or give it a nickname just because solid wood particle board is a better raw material. Mystery 4: Trimer ammonia board is medium density board? When many sales staff introduce their products, they will tell consumers that they are using melamine board, which is MDF. Over time, the rumors that melamine board is MDF have become true. Melamine board melamine board is to soak paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, then dry it to a certain degree of curing, and pave it on particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, joinery A decorative board formed by hot pressing on the surface of a board or other hard fiberboard. And medium density board, particle board, etc. can be made into trihydrogen ammonia board. The above are the four truths about panel wood. Do you understand?
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