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The trend of furniture materials-solid wood particle board

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-13
Solid wood particle board is a board made of wood fiber and wood scraps as raw materials, using certain physical and chemical methods to add adhesives or other additives. Compared with natural wood, it has a wide board surface, flat and smooth surface, no knots, bug holes and anisotropic defects, no warpage, no cracking, high physical and mechanical strength, consistent longitudinal and lateral strength, sound insulation, mildew resistance, Economy, heat preservation, etc. Compared with solid wood and other man-made boards, solid wood particle board has the following advantages: 1. The density of solid wood particle board is generally greater than that of solid wood, and it has excellent physical and mechanical properties. 2. The mechanical processing performance is good, and the processing equipment and methods for processing natural wood can be used for processing. 3. The interior of the solid wood particle board is granular with a cross and staggered structure, so the nail holding power is good, and it can be used for nailing round nails, screws, and tenon joints. Its processability is significantly better than that of MDF. 4. Solid wood particle board has small warpage and deformation, good dimensional stability, high strength, and good stiffness. Unlike MDF and Gonghe wood-based panels, when used as countertops, they are a bit thin and deform and bend within 1m diagonally. The strength is below 2mm, while the MDF is easy to deform. Because solid wood particle board is not easy to deform, it is better than MDF and other man-made boards in the process of storage, transportation and use. 5. The solid wood particle board has a low expansion rate and a small error in the thickness of the board. The strength and expansion characteristics of the solid wood particle board are the same in both directions. Due to the change of humidity, the MDF will cause expansion and contraction in the thickness and length directions. Among them, the thickness change is relatively large, and the increase in thickness caused by the long-term dry-wet cycle will cause the bulk density of the MDF to decrease. 6. The density of solid wood particle board is higher, and the wood fiber particles in the board are larger. Unlike the small wood fiber of MDF, it retains the essence of natural wood. The glue content of solid wood particle board is generally lower than that of the adhesive. 5%, while MDF contains 7% of glue, so the environmental performance of solid wood particle board is better than MDF. At present, most of the high-end furniture uses E0 solid wood particle board, which is the highest level of environmental protection. 7. If the solid wood particle board is added with different additives in the production, the board with special purpose such as fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali can also be obtained. At present, panel furniture manufacturers with strong strength have turned their attention to solid wood particle board. Based on its excellent performance, it has become the best man-made board to replace solid wood. With the improvement of technology, the current solid wood particle board is far from comparable to the past solid wood particle board. The first is the selection of raw materials. The ideal log with long wood fiber and high density is selected as the material, and with advanced scientific processing methods, boards of various specifications and thicknesses can be produced, the thinnest can reach 1.6mm. In use, solid wood particle board is generally finished with veneer treatment and is easy to finish processing. Various oily and colloidal paints can be painted on the solid wood particle board to make it beautiful and durable. Solid wood particle board has been fully developed in recent years. From the perspective of comprehensive utilization of wood and saving natural resources, solid wood particle board is of great significance. 1m3 solid wood particle board can be used instead of 3m3 logs. At the same time, because the solid wood particle board provides the base material for the panel furniture, it has played a positive role in promoting the reform of the furniture craft structure.
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