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The 'terminator' in furniture is actually stainless steel

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-18
Speaking of stainless steel, the first thing that comes to mind in everyone's mind should be the pots and pans in the kitchen. Where did the stainless steel furniture come from? In fact, as long as you pay attention, you will find that there are many stainless steel furniture in your life. Speaking of stainless steel furniture, one must mention the steel tube chair of Bauhaus teacher and student Marcel Brewer. His first steel tube chair is 80 years old. With the development of the times, not only did stainless steel not decline, but it continued to show its own inferior posture. Judging from the current situation in China, whether it is the mainstream home style in the market such as Mediterranean, simple American, simple European, new Chinese, etc., they are all pre-modernist styles, rarely involving stainless steel materials, and stainless steel materials give people. Rigidity and indifference make stainless steel seldom used in the home environment, but mainly used in public places. With the advancement of stainless steel material technology, it has made great progress in hardness, anti-corrosion, color, plasticity, etc., coupled with its unique ductility, it has become a powerful tool for designers to show their imagination. Related reading: How to maintain stainless steel furniture Advantages and characteristics of stainless steel furniture 1. The shape is ever-changing, has a unique texture and touch 2. It presents a modern and avant-garde style, the design is full of ornamental and collectible 3. No pollution, no smell, prohibition Durable, environmentally friendly furniture 4. Recyclable, reusable, large space for transformation 5. Easy to clean and easy to maintain 6. Relatively low price
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