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The tenon and tenon structure of Ming-style furniture The pinnacle of Chinese classical design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-30
China's traditional furniture has a long history of development, and it was once in the forefront of the world. But in modern times, Chinese furniture began to decline under the impact of Western industrial civilization. Ming-style furniture occupies an unshakable position in the history of traditional furniture in our country. The unique national culture and the scientific design concept are worthy of our study and reference. The most special feature of Ming Dynasty furniture is the tenon and tenon structure, which is not only one of the main structures of traditional furniture, but also an important indicator of whether the life of traditional furniture can continue. The tenon-and-mortise structure has been passed down for thousands of years and has been widely used by ancient furniture craftsmen, leaving a glorious history for ancient Chinese civilization. Ming-style furniture refers to the unique traditional Han nationality furniture made by skilled craftsmen from hardwood materials such as red sandalwood, Qi Zimu, rosewood, etc. since the middle of the Ming Dynasty. The furniture produced in the Jiangnan area with Suzhou as the center is the most sought after by the world. The style characteristics of Ming-style furniture: (1) Generous shape, moderate proportions, concise and stretched outline; (2) Scientific structure, precise tenon and tenon joints, firmness and firmness; (3) Exquisite material selection, revealing natural beauty; (4) Footwork treatment Properly, carving the starting point of the eye; (5) with a literati and scroll atmosphere. 'Ton' and 'Mao' are the earliest languages u200bu200bwith scientific design significance in Chinese architecture. In the development history of our national civilization, it is like the invention of Chinese characters with a long history and a self-contained system. The law of furniture development is the inheritance of traditional wooden architecture. The incomparable and intricate tenon-and-mortise arch design gives the soul of Ming-style furniture design. According to the author's preliminary statistics, there are dozens of types of tenon and tenon joints in Chinese furniture, and the tenon and tenon joints of each name will be produced according to the shape of the appearance, and a variety of tenon and tenon joints can be derived. Because of the differences in regional culture, the craftsmen of the north and the south have created a unique tenon and tenon structure, which is varied and intriguing. In the production process of Ming and Qing furniture, the essence of all types of tenon and tenon structure was used. On a piece of classic furniture from the Ming Dynasty, the use of tenon and tenon structures varies in scope and types, but they all play an important 'joint' role in the overall shape and structure of the furniture. There are more than 100 types of mortise and tenon structures used in classical Chinese furniture in the Ming Dynasty, which can be divided into several types: one is the combination of surface and surface, or the combination of two sides, or the combination of surface and side. , Such as dovetail tenon, slot tenon, tongue-and-groove tenon, threaded tenon, etc. The function of the tenon-and-mortise structure and its combination. The tenon-and-mortise structure is a Chinese ancient building with wood and bricks as the main building materials, and the wooden frame structure as the main structure. The structure is composed of columns, beams, and purlins. It is constructed, and the joints between the various components are matched with tenon and tenon to form a flexible frame. The tenon and tenon joint is an extremely delicate invention. This method of connecting the components makes the traditional Chinese wooden structure a special flexible structure that surpasses the contemporary architectural bent, frame or rigid frame. It can not only bear larger loads, but also allows certain Under the earthquake load, the deformation can offset a certain amount of seismic energy and reduce the seismic response of the structure. 2 As the essence of traditional Chinese furniture, the tenon-and-mortise structure is the earliest language with scientific design significance in China. This ancient structure can be traced back to 5000~3000 BC. The houses of the ancestors in the Hemudu Basin mostly adopted wooden structure and dry fence. , And the use of tenon and tenon mortise technology. In the history of the development of our national civilization, the mortise and tenon structure is like the invention of Chinese characters with a long history and self-contained system. The traditional Chinese furniture can be maintained for hundreds of years and remains strong, all thanks to the cleverly designed tenon and mortise structure. The tenon-and-mortise structure is a method of jointing in solid wood furniture that usually uses a concave-convex treatment on the two connected components. The protruding part is called the tenon; the recessed part is called the 卯, which is the main structure of the furniture shape. Various tenon and tenon joints have different methods and different application ranges, but they have the 'joint' function of the physical structure on each piece of furniture. According to the structure and used to classify, the tenon-and-mortise structure can be roughly divided into three major types 3: (1) It can be used as a joint between a surface and a surface, it can also be a combination of two sides, or a joint combination of a surface and an edge. Such as 'slot tenon(2) As a 'point' structure method. It is mainly used for T-joint of horizontal and vertical materials, angled joints, cross joints, and extended joints of straight and curved materials.
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