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The source and characteristics of boat wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-21
The so-called boat wood furniture is because the wood itself is disassembled from the ship. They are the hulls of some sunken ships, and some have been sleeping under the water for decades or even hundreds of years, and then they will be dismantled and disintegrated after being flooded. The material of these hulls is called boat wood. It's not that this kind of wood is called 'funwood'. So it is called 'fun wood'. These ship woods are all high-quality hardwoods, and many of them are 'Pondian wood'. The following is a detailed explanation of the materials and characteristics of boat wood furniture. The source of the material of the wooden furniture of the ship Guchuan wooden furniture is derived from the old wooden ship because of the raw materials. This type of ship itself is relatively old, generally more than 60 years old, and hundreds of years old are more common. The ship wood of old ships is a non-renewable resource, and it is extremely difficult to obtain materials. Good old ship wood is hard to find, so it is destined to not achieve mass production. In recent years, the market has gradually realized the value of ship wood furniture. The value of the collection is gradually reflected. It is also loved and sought after by discerning collectors as a handicraft in the field of solid wood furniture. After decades of soaking in sea water and washing by the waves countless times, Yu Fa is tough and wear-resistant, has a strong sense of vicissitudes, and is waterproof and insect-proof. And ship wood generally uses relatively high-quality hardwood, so that the solid wood furniture made of wood is not only strong, but also waterproof and fireproof, and gives it the meaning of warding off evil and auspiciousness. Ship wood furniture has a very high collection value. Ancient shipwood can withstand the erosion of sea water and sea breeze for dozens or even hundreds of years, which has a lot to do with its materials. There are many tree species used by the ancients for large-scale sea-going ships, most of which are high-quality tree species with high density, high hardness, oily or waxy, mainly including Kundian, Tokyo, teak, elm, pineapple grid, iron pear and so on. In addition, sea-going ships are bulky, so they are generally logs that have grown for more than a hundred years, with an average diameter of 6 meters and a height of more than 50 meters. Nevertheless, the decommissioned ancient shipwood has been completely unrecognizable and horrible. It is covered with mottled rust. It needs a series of special processes such as drying, washing, drying, and polishing before it can be used as raw furniture. Extended reading: The reason why ship wood furniture is popular among people is that ancient ship wood generally chooses fine hardwoods in materials, mainly iron wood, stone vertebral wood, catalpa, Kundian wood, sandalwood, teak, huanghuali, etc. Decades of soaking in sea water and countless scouring of ocean waves have given solid wood furniture made of wood the meaning of warding off evil spirits and auspiciousness. Boat wood furniture has a very high collection value. People love that boat wood has special texture and color, such as those with black blocks that have been burned by fire, and irregularly distributed large and small holes, because they are formed naturally. After the ship nails are soaked in seawater for a long time to undergo oxidation reaction, the rust spots formed will continue to penetrate into the wood, and the natural and beautiful black texture is formed over time. The wooden planks dismantled from the old ship have been soaked in sea water for decades or even hundreds of years. They have long been unrecognizable and terrible, and they are covered with mottled rust spots. The traces of the years passing on it are clearly visible. It can only be said that it is just a piece of rotten wood that no one wants to pick up on the street, a piece of rotten wood. Extended reading: Regarding the maintenance of ancient ship wood furniture, but the dead wood has gone through the hands of skilled masters, removed its dross, hand-polished and modified, and then designed and developed by a unique designer to achieve its gorgeous turn. It is a solid wood furniture industry. The representative of maverick can only use the word 'magic' to explain the birth of a handicraft. Shipwood furniture has condensed the efforts and energy of too many people. The surface of boat wood furniture does not use paint to finish the surface of solid wood furniture. This not only maintains the original material's natural texture and texture, but also maintains the green environmental protection of the product and the affinity between humans and woods.
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