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The size of the bed end stool What is the purpose of the bed end stool

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-11
The bedside stool originally originated from the West, when the nobles got up and sat and changed their shoes. It is recommended for families with relatively ample economic conditions, which can improve the quality of the bedroom from the details. In addition to decoration, you can use it as a stool if the sofa is not enough when there are many guests at home. For owners who are obsessed with cleanliness, guests can directly ask them to sit on the bedside stool when visiting the bedroom, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the sheets, and it is also convenient to sit on their own. Regarding the function of the bedside stool, I have made a detailed answer on Zhihu. The size of the bed end stool The size of the bed end stool is generally about 1200*400*480mm, there are also 1210*500*500, and the size of 1200*420*427, depending on the style, there are many styles with different furniture styles, general bed end stools The products are exquisite and meticulous in workmanship, natural and smooth lines, elegant and comfortable, elegant and simple, beautiful and generous in design, soft cushions and beautiful patterns will make you intoxicated. According to the style, the classification of bedside stools can be divided into: benches, square stools, small round stools, plum blossom stools, etc. The bed-end stool has several functions: 1. Place clothes. You can put pajamas, changed clothes, and even the clothes to be worn the next day on the bed-end stool. 2. Prevent the quilt from sliding down, people who like to move around in sleep, especially in winter, the heavy quilt is easy to slide off the bed, a bed-end stool can solve this problem well. A beautiful bed-end stool can not only have a certain visual advantage, but also play a great role in decoration and embellishment. It can be used to place books, tea sets and cakes that we read at night, and clothes that we change when we sleep in the morning. It is convenient to wear in the morning. In addition, if the sofa is not enough for the guests at home, we can also put such a stylish bedside stool in the living room, which is convenient and practical. 3. You can place other sundries, such as a few frequently-read books and magazines, and clothes that have just been taken back from the balcony before they can be put in the closet, and so on. 4. It can be used as a bench to sit on or lie on it to read, rest, change shoes. 5. I saw an interesting saying on foreign websites that the bedside stool can be dragged to the window sill and sit on it to enjoy the outdoor scenery. This is more suitable for children. For example, an adult drags the bed-end stool to the window, and the child kneels on it and plays while enjoying the scenery outside the window. 6. Improved the utilization rate of space. Generally, there is always a lot of space at the end of the bed, except for snail dwellings. 7. To improve the beauty of interior design, buy a pleasing and eye-catching bed-end stool in the bedroom, which can instantly enhance the bedroom's compelling style! As for the origin of the bedside stool, it is really not clear. But your kind of statement is still acceptable. For example, in the previous hotel, if occasionally encounter a few super tall people (such as Yao Ming), what should the boss do? It may be a good solution to add a bench as high as the bed at the end of the bed. With the evolution of the times, the decorative function of the bed-end stool has become more and more important, and the storage function has become more and more powerful, and it has become the current bed-end stool. The English of bed end stool is bed end stool, and stool refers to the kind of chair without backrest, that is, stool. It is estimated that after foreigners have a stool, they find that putting the stool at the end of the bed can solve many problems, which is very convenient, and it is formed The end of the bed stool. Related reading: How to choose the right bed for pregnant women?
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