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The role of sliding doors and wardrobe doors in home improvement

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-04
Opening left and right, sliding doors that are flexible, lightweight, and diverse in shape can not only form a post-modern, neo-classical, or pastoral style together with furniture, but also greatly facilitate people’s lives and are gradually being favored by consumers. Favor. Not only is the door frame lightweight, it occupies a small space, and it is also highly decorative. In real life, sliding doors can be used in many places, such as kitchen and dining room, storage room, cloakroom, balcony and living room, wardrobe door, even shower room in bathroom and some decorative screens and walls. Sliding doors are now also widely used as background walls. When the sliding doors are opened, the base material or curtain of the original wall can be exposed, and when closed, the visual effect of the screen shape can be produced. Sliding, folding... There are many styles of sliding doors and many uses. It is divided into four types from the opening method. Single, sliding door means that one or more rails are the original shape to push and pull horizontally. The single rail is a left and right sliding door, and the double rail door can be pushed and pulled left and right or overlapped. The folding sliding door can bidirectionally divide a door into two parts and then push and pull. The door is overlapped on one side or the side of the wall stack to form a decorative pass. It is often used in screens or hidden doors, which can greatly expand the space. The built-in sliding door is a sliding door that is made only when the normal door opening and the opening space of the door is restricted, and it is embedded in the wall or wall or cabinet for hidden sliding. Suspended sliding doors are mostly used as effect walls and screens. They are in the form of monorail, collision sliding, forming two parallel decorative surface effects, which are common in decorative cabinets and bookcases. From the material point of view, sliding doors are divided into aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy frame, plastic steel frame, wood structure and other weldable profile frames and so on. In actual home decoration, the most commonly used sliding doors are aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy sliding doors and on-site wooden sliding doors. From the track method, the sliding door can be divided into double push-pull track, single push-pull track and folding push-pull rotating in the direction of the axis. The folding sliding door occupies a small space, but the airtightness is the worst among the sliding doors. The aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy frame door has the characteristics of hard, light and thin frame, and good flexibility. It can be used in small and thin spaces, such as cloakrooms, storage rooms and shower rooms. But in comparison, the aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy sliding door is not as decorative as the wooden sliding door. It is mostly used in a relatively invisible space, such as between a wall, with the help of the color to form a subtle change with the original wall. Wooden sliding doors can incorporate a large number of patterns, such as Chinese and European elements, which can also be supplemented with carvings and carved designs, which play a great decorative effect indoors, such as sliding screens used as compartments in the room, etc. . If you choose to use a sliding door at the floating platform, you mostly want the feeling of a floor-to-ceiling window. At this time, the sliding door should have the nature of anti-theft. Therefore, when selecting materials, consider the materials that are light fast, durable, and oxidation resistant. Most of them are plastic steel, supplemented by color film, and hollow glass or double glass can be used in the middle. Tips: 1. Be cautious when using sliding doors from floor to ceiling (open hanging rail box). Because the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the sliding door is easy to be deformed after a long time, and the door cannot be opened after the deformation, which means that it cannot be repaired and cannot be used. 2. If you use a suspended sliding door, the top needs to be treated with a reinforced structural frame base layer; generally, the inside of a large wooden sliding door also needs to be reinforced with a steel structure, and then other productions are used on the outside. 3. The width is exquisite. The gold size of a normal door is about 80 cm×200 cm. Under this structure, the door is relatively stable. If the height is higher than 200 cm or even higher, it is best to narrow the width of the door or make more sliding doors under the premise that the area remains the same to keep the door stable and safe to use sex. 4. The frame shape of the sliding door should match the overall style. Since the ground to the top surface is generally about 255 cm, and the height of a normal door is generally between 195-215 cm, the shape of the sliding door needs to be combined with the indoor structure and space, or it will affect the visual discomfort. Regardless of whether it is flat or shaped, or other materials such as glass, it needs to be coordinated with the entire style, otherwise it will be nondescript.
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