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The right and wrong of Zambian red sandalwood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-10
Since Zambian red sandalwood has come into the public eye, although some call it Li Gui posing as Li Kui, some think it is just a red sandalwood-like meteor. But no matter whether the intention is praise or derogation, no one denies the material of Zambian red sandalwood. Picture: Zambian red sandalwood, after all, the Nanjing Forestry University's Wood Science Research Institute concluded that the Zambian red sandalwood sample was identified as a red sandalwood wood with an air-dry density of 112g/CM³ and an average chord diameter of 145μm. This is the only one other than Indian red sandalwood. It has reached the national standard of GB/T18107-2000 'Redwood' Red sandalwood with air-dry density greater than 1.00 g/cm3 and average tube hole diameter not greater than 160μm. Regarding the material of Zambian red sandalwood, there are few new research findings. However, people who have been in contact with them for a long time can understand that the material of Zambian red sandalwood currently entering the country varies greatly between different trees depending on the origin and some unknown factors. Some are very oily, and some are lacking in oil compared with Indian Pterocarpus striata. In terms of density, some have a density of less than 1.0 and do not sink into water. It is recommended that it is not advisable to generalize after touching a certain root or piece of wood. On the whole, its better parts are comparable to Indian Pterocarpus striata, and the overall material is better than that of P. sylvestris. Some people in the industry divide Zambian red sandalwood oil and non-oily, submersible and non-submersible red sandalwood oil. Some say it is true and false, some think it is the difference between male and female, and some say it is because of its sunshine. , The shadow of the reason... all kinds of opinions are inconsistent, so far there is no unified conclusion. Now, many developers have strengthened their preliminary screening from the logging and shipping links, which can improve the consistency of their materials relatively speaking. Related reading: How to identify the counterfeit methods of red sandalwood furniture, there is no right or wrong, people have good and evil because before the second half of 2013, most of Zambian red sandalwood were fake Indian red sandalwood appearing in the market as 'stand-ins' and 'counterfeiting' The identity of Zambian red sandalwood has made Zambian red sandalwood a mess. The so-called 'li ghost' is indeed the most vulnerable point of Zambian red sandalwood, and even caused some people to have an instinctive resentment and rejection of it. In fact, we should reject, resent and spurn those who use Zambian red sandalwood to impersonate Indian red sandalwood. Wood is just wood. It is indistinguishable from Indian Pterocarpus is not the right or wrong of Zambian Pterocarpus. It is only those 'people' who lack business ethics to impersonate Indian Pterocarpus to distinguish between good and evil. Of course, there are also many manufacturers who have used Zambian red sandalwood to make and sell furniture 'rightly'. However, due to the early lumber prices of 50,000 to 60,000 to 100,000, there are not many manufacturers and the batches are small. Except for some products whose quotations are even higher than that of Siamese rosewood furniture and are unacceptable, they are all unacceptable. It is because of the internal and acquaintances who are interested in digesting it. Generally, it is difficult to see Zambian red sandalwood furniture in the mahogany market. After the price of Zambian red sandalwood dropped from more than 30,000 after July this year, some manufacturers have already purchased in batches. Based on the usual furniture production cycle of four months, it is expected that a batch of Zambian red sandalwood furniture will appear in about a month. The mahogany furniture market has truly entered the hands of consumers. A new choice for red sandalwood culture to enter the masses. Redwood is wood, furniture, craftsmanship, and history and culture! The history carried by Indian red sandalwood is unmatched and replaced by any rising star. I believe that all redwoods have Anyone who knows will not deny it. Speaking of red sandalwood, one has to talk about the national standard of rosewood. Among the 33 types of national standard woods, there are eight species with red sandalwood in their names, but in addition to the Indian red sandalwood (sandalwood red sandalwood) which meets the 'red sandalwood' standard, In addition to becoming the recognized and commonly known red sandalwood, all the other seven 'red sandalwood' cannot meet the standard of 'air dry density greater than 1.00 g/cm3 and average tube hole diameter not greater than 160μm' of red sandalwood. They are only rosewood of the genus red sandalwood. The price of Zambian red sandalwood has been declining continuously with this year's mahogany market. Although some merchants are depressed about this, for this timber, the price adjustment must be a positive in the long run, because only in this way can manufacturers and consumers have more opportunities to contact and understand. Only after the manufacturers and consumers get in touch with and understand, will they have the opportunity to 'light up'. Zambian red sandalwood is an emerging wood that has reached the red sandalwood standard. Although it has no historical precipitation, let alone challenge the king status of Indian red sandalwood, it allows more people to own a set of red sandalwood furniture at a suitable price. , So that more people can understand the 'purple gas from the east' culture, which should be its greatest value.
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