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The relationship between furniture material and the attributes of the five elements

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-15
Furniture is a necessity for a family to sit and sleep. In addition to the matching of colors, it needs to match its own five elements, and its material is also a link that needs to be paid attention to. Traditional furniture is mostly made of trees. For example, the precious ones include rosewood, red sandalwood, rosewood, chicken wings, etc., of course, pine, begonia, oak and other materials commonly used by the general public; and modern furniture adds a lot of materials to the furniture material due to its fashionable style requirements, such as leather , Fabric sofas and soft beds are widely favored by young people. The living room and dining room elements made of hardware, glass, ceramics and stone are even more beautiful. But whether these materials best suit your aura really varies from person to person. In the broad sense, furniture materials with the 'wood' of the five elements include wood furniture, leather furniture, and fabric furniture; while furniture with the characteristics of 'water' and 'fire' is relatively rare, only from the wave shape of the pattern and the furniture Make up for the color of the material; 'earth' furniture is mostly made of ceramics and stone. At present, it is more common for furniture to use these materials as the floor in a large area, and the use of furniture is more as floor cabinets and coffee tables. , The panel material of the dining table. But as an organic part of the furniture material, it has important meaning; hardware and wrought iron furniture have the attributes of 'gold'. In civil use, with the display of fashionable elements of hardware furniture, the use of hardware materials is more extensive. In office furniture, the proportion of hardware in file cabinets, books, tables and chairs is also increasing day by day. Return to the specific combination of the attributes of the five elements and the furniture materials. Based on the theory of earth-minded people, ceramic and stone furniture can be used as furniture panels. Ceramics and stone should avoid using wooden furniture and floors as much as possible. Because wood restrains the earth. There are many signs of soil loss. Therefore, in general, the ordinary Tumen should have as little or no wooden furniture as possible. And because of the native gold, you can use hardware furniture in an appropriate amount. Modern furniture is the hardware material that guides the fashion trend, and the configuration is very convenient. On the contrary, water can be used differently. Because there are few water-based materials, they can only be reflected in the color of the product. Because of the gold and water, the first choice is hardware, iron and other materials for furniture that can be used in a large area, but ceramic and stone furniture are used less, so as not to violate the taboo of Turk water. The wooden furniture can be used but should not be used in a large area, compared to water loss due to aquatic wood, due to more wood. Therefore, when using wood, fabric, and leather furniture, it is best to use white and gold in color to avoid overwhelming guests. Related reading: Furniture has gradually become the protagonist of home feng shui. Because of aquatic wood, but water-based furniture is scarce, black and blue can be used as materials to make up for it. There are also push water beds on the market, but they are of great value. In fact, the people of Mumingzhi have the largest choice, because wood is the most extensive in the field of Chinese furniture. Furniture made of leather, cloth, and solid wood are all woody, and only metal furniture must be used less or not. Because as far as possible not to collide with the elephant of Jin Kemu. Metallic mouths such as furniture, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., should also be used to reduce collisions in color as much as possible. And ceramic and stone materials can be considered for use. It can be said that there are no taboos for the people of fire. Because wood makes fire, all wooden furniture can be used in a large area. However, because of its material, it is rarely used in furniture materials, so the choice of space is the largest. Of course, furniture such as ceramics, stone, Wang Jin, etc. can be used as a small range of embellishments. The people of Jinming prefer ceramics, stone and other furniture, all because of the native gold. And next is hardware and iron art. Water-based furniture is rarely used, and wooden furniture can be detected, but not too large.
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