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The relationship between ash wood, African ebony, black rosewood and pinwheel wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-12
Bark ash wood belongs to the genus Pinwheel vine, the standard name is actually pinwheel wood, and the non-standard names are 'black rosewood' and 'bark gray'. The English name is Monzo, Combretaceae, the Latin name: Combretum imberbe. Windmills are produced in Africa, Mozambique and other places. The growth is slow, the wood is very hard, the hardness is strong, the toughness is strong, the structure is dense, with thin stripes between the depths, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, the color is black and purple, and it sinks when it enters water. The longer the wooden utensils are used, the darker the color will become, which is of great collection value. But windmill wood does not belong to mahogany. Extended reading: Detailed introduction of five categories and eight categories of mahogany furniture. Because some of the characteristics of windmill wood are similar to striped ebony, some unscrupulous merchants often use windmill wood to impersonate Indonesian striped ebony wood. Ash wood is mainly distributed in tropical Africa. Most of the wood is transported from Mozambique in Africa to China in the form of containers. Due to the large demand in the Chinese market, the import volume is relatively large. Since the Mozambican government banned the mining of logs this year, ash wood can only be imported in the form of lumber. Logs are not imported. If a small amount of ash logs are found in the Chinese market, they are also old stocks and not new ones imported from abroad recently. Black red sandalwood, produced in Africa, is scientifically named pinwheel wood, also known as ash, genus pinwheel, not redwood. The color of the cut surface of black rosewood is gray-yellow, and the color of old wood is close to gray-black, with large pores and obvious hairy patterns. The wood has poor oiliness and is easy to crack in dry climates. Crafts made of black rosewood are more common in the market. The appearance of black sandalwood, like red sandalwood and green sandalwood, is a means for merchants to 'transform' non-mahogany wood into precious rosewood. Relatively speaking, although the hardness and density of this type of wood cannot meet the requirements of the national redwood standard, it is also significantly better than other firewood species and can be used as a substitute for traditional redwood. Further reading: The difference between red sandalwood, black sandalwood and black red sandalwood, there is no black sandalwood in the world. The so-called 'black sandalwood' is just an irregular name. In order to increase the value of wood, merchants called some dark hardwoods with brown or dark brown heartwood that are not within the scope of national standard mahogany as 'black sandalwood.' Wood (leather ash) is one kind. Therefore, black rosewood and ash wood are actually just informal names for windmill wood in the folk, or names given by merchants to increase the value of wood.
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