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The relationship between ash and Fraxinus mandshurica

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-12
In recent years, ash, as a material for middle and high-end furniture, has gradually entered people's field of vision. But consumers know very little about ash. What is ash, many stores will tell consumers that ash is Fraxinus mandshurica, and it is difficult for consumers to find the difference between the two without careful observation. So, is this really the case? What kind of wood is ash? What kind of relationship does it have with Fraxinus mandshurica? Ash Ash is a wood mainly produced in Russia and North America. This kind of wood is usually straight, tough and elastic, with a rough and uniform texture. It is named ash because the sapwood is light milky white. Ash wood has good processing properties and is easy to bend by steam. It can be fixed well with nails, screws and glue. It can be dyed and polished to obtain a good surface. Suitable for high-end furniture, flooring, architectural interior decoration, fine woodworking products, sports equipment, tool handles, etc. Extended reading: Comparison of the characteristics of solid wood furniture of Fraxinus mandshurica and the relationship between Fraxinus mandshurica All of them belong to the genus Ash, but not one species. The Latin name of ash is Fraxinus chinensis and the Latin name of Fraxinus mandshurica is Fraxinus mandshurica. Fraxinus mandshurica is mainly distributed in Northeast China, and ash is mainly distributed in Europe and America. This is why ash is expensive and Fraxinus mandshurica is cheap. Because the two types of wood are similar in nature and whiter, it is easy to confuse them. Fraxinus mandshurica It is understood that most of the popular ash in the market now is Fraxinus mandshurica, and most of them are Russian Fraxinus mandshurica instead of North American white wax. The price of the former is low. The color is yellow. After bleaching, it is almost the same as the latter. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish, so pay special attention.
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