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The reason why solid wood furniture needs to be painted is because...

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-24
The solid wood furniture is natural and environmentally friendly, and emphasizes a unique beauty of 'the fresh water comes out of the hibiscus, and the natural decoration is removed.' That being the case, why do you need to paint? Isn't it more natural and environmentally friendly to keep the original color of the log? it's not true! The first advantage of painting solid wood furniture is to protect the wood of solid wood furniture. The wood is harder, so it is easy to polish a smooth and moist feel, which is like jade. If it is directly exposed, it is easily scratched or worn, and loses the texture of jade. Painting is equivalent to putting a layer of armor on the furniture. 'Beautiful wood is like jade, although its flaws are not concealed, but its perfect appearance is more worth seeing.' Even the material from the same wood has subtle color differences, just like small flaws on beautiful jade, although it is not 'fatal' , But its artistry is greatly compromised. The second major benefit of lacquering is like putting on a beautiful garment on the furniture to make the furniture more perfect. Stability has a great influence. Sealing the surface of the wood with paint can not only prevent the external moisture from quickly penetrating into the wood, but also prevent the internal moisture from evaporating excessively, and allow the internal and external communication of the wood to proceed slowly and gently to ensure that the wood does not deform. The fourth major benefit of lacquering is to keep the furniture new and newer. The more you use it, the brighter it will be. If the logs are directly exposed to the air, they will be easily corroded and oxidized. After being painted, the wood will not be in direct contact with the air, and will always retain the fresh wood color. The fifth advantage is that it feels more delicate and easier to clean and maintain. No matter how finely polished, it is impossible to seal the wood ducts, and these ducts tend to be the place where dirt is contained and it is difficult to clean them. After painting, the catheter is sealed and filled, and it can be cleaned up with a light wipe with a rag. Extended reading: Analyze how solid wood furniture was born? Deciphering the process of painting solid wood furniture: 1. Environmental selection First, before painting solid wood furniture, there are also certain requirements in terms of environmental selection. It should be avoided to choose weather or environment with heavy humidity and high ambient temperature for painting. It is easy for us to have problems during the painting process or fail to maintain the quality of the furniture for a long time. When applying the paint, it should not be too thick. You should apply a thin layer each time and apply it multiple times. 2. Classification Generally, we paint solid wood furniture. First of all, we naturally choose the type of paint. Paint is generally divided into oily wood paint and water-based wood paint. Let's take a look at the oily wood lacquer first. The oily wood lacquer itself contains many harmful substances to the human body, such as benzene, toluene, free TDI, etc., and the smell is very pungent and makes people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, regular manufacturers who paint solid wood furniture will not choose paints that are harmful to human health. 3. For comparison, let’s take a look at the water-based wood lacquer. We know that the water contained in it should be very rich when we look at its name. That’s right, water-based wood paint is composed of 40% water, 30% resin emulsion, 25% pigment fillers and 5% additives. The feel and texture of furniture painted with this paint also make People feel very comfortable, but this kind of paint currently on the market is more expensive, which is also a major disadvantage of it. 4. Matters needing attention In the process of painting solid wood furniture, for the health of the operator. We should pay attention to some things. Wearing masks must be done during the painting process, because we have to clean the furniture beforehand during the painting process. The cleaning process will naturally produce some wood chips, dust and the like, which will affect the lungs after inhalation. The Ministry is extremely harmful. At the same time, the paint itself has certain toxic substances, and it is not possible to breathe in places with heavy paint smell for a long time. This is also harmful to the health of the body, so we must maintain the environmental ventilation problem during the construction process. Summary: Painting solid wood furniture seems to be a simple little problem. In fact, there are a lot of details that need our attention. In addition to the problems mentioned above, there are many problems that need our attention. During the construction process, we need to implement strict basic requirements. For example, after adding the curing agent, we should wait for the bubbles to disappear completely before painting. Generally, we need to wait for about 10-20 minutes. Wait until the paint is dry before applying another coat.
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