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The quality inspection center you must know when dealing with furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-21
The National Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is affiliated to the Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology. In 1982, it was authorized by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Technical Supervision as the Shanghai Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Station. The center was authorized by the Ministry of Light Industry as the Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Light Industry in 1983. The center was accredited by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee in 1999. It is a testing laboratory signed by the China Quality Certification Center. It is one of the earliest professional institutions in the country to carry out various furniture inspections integrating inspection, standard formulation and revision, inspection equipment research and development and scientific research. It is the most complete and equipped testing laboratory in the domestic furniture industry. The fixed assets of testing equipment are 4 million yuan, 10 sets (sets) of large-scale instruments and equipment, and the laboratory area is 2,000 square meters. It has furniture physical and chemical testing equipment, mechanical testing equipment, sofa testing machine, mattress testing machine, color fastness friction tester, electronic wood-based panel universal testing machine, intelligent artificial climate incubation cabinet, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, visible spectrophotometer and other inspection equipment . The inspection equipment covers all current furniture standards. Related reading: What are the authoritative furniture quality certification standards? The center's authorized product inspection capabilities include wooden furniture, metal furniture, upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, furniture hardware accessories, furniture leather, furniture textiles, and wood, plywood and other products such as appearance, physics and chemistry, mechanics, life span and harmful substances. . The center is also the National Furniture Standardization Center, responsible for the formulation and revision of national and industry standards in the furniture industry, and responsible for the centralized management of the furniture industry. It is a P member of the ISO/TC136 Furniture Technical Committee. Undertook or participated in the drafting of 33 national furniture standards and 32 furniture industry standards, and completed a number of standard and regulatory projects. It is the first to introduce furniture mechanics and physical and chemical testing standards and methods issued by ISO and other organizations in China.
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