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The puzzle of pine furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-25
Different from hard woods such as mahogany and oak wood used in traditional Chinese furniture, pine belongs to the category of soft woods, with rosin, scarring and discoloration. These characteristics have puzzled many consumers. Confusion one is the smell of rosin or paint? Miss He, the newly bought pine wood TV cabinet has been thrown on the balcony overnight for more than half a month after entering the house. It was only recovered when it rained. Treating new furniture in this way is all due to the strong smell of 'rosin' from the TV cabinet. Mr. Huang, who has been in the wood business for more than ten years, told reporters that unpainted pine will emit a light rosin and a pleasant smell. But now in the furniture market, there are more and more pine furniture products. In order to save costs, some merchants choose some inferior varnishes. As a result, the pungent paint smell overwhelms the normal pine fragrance. In addition, many pine wood materials are relatively poor and require chemical treatment to be processed into furniture, which makes it difficult to meet environmental protection requirements. Confusion 2 Is the scarring a defect or a personality? It is understood that a major feature of some pine wood is that it has a lot of scars, which also forms the unique style and charm of pine wood furniture. Those who love pine scars call them pebbles in the stream, which are more fascinating because they are presented in the curved pattern of pine like water waves. People who don't like it psychologically cannot accept this kind of furniture with scars on wood, and think that good furniture should not have scars. In October last year, Mr. Wu, a citizen, in order to pursue the pastoral effect of his home, used a complete set of pine furniture in the living room, bedroom, and study, but within a year, some pine furniture had holes formed after pine scars fell. , The largest hole is left when the scar on the surface of the shoe cabinet falls off, with a diameter of 2 cm. In fact, scars on pine are divided into 'slip knots' and 'dead knots'. Since the 'dead knot' is still growing on the pine, it has already separated from the tree and has cracks, and it needs to be glued later. Therefore, when buying pine furniture with 'dead knotsIf the color of the scar is black, the texture is not connected to the surrounding pattern, and it is independent. If there is a gap between the scar and the surrounding wood, or if it is adhered with latex, it is a 'dead knot'. Is it good or bad for the three colors to become darker? Miss Zhu, a whole set of pine furniture has been selected for her home. 'When I first entered the house, the furniture was light yellow, I liked it very much.' Ms. Zhu said, but after less than two years of use, the furniture turned golden. 'It becomes golden yellow. I don't think it looks as good as the previous color, but when I asked the boss if the furniture would change color, he insisted that it won't change color.' Ms. Zhu felt deceived. It is normal for the color of pine furniture to darken. There are three main reasons: one is that the varnish on the surface of the pine furniture has turned yellow, not as clear as before. The second is due to ultraviolet rays, which can oxidize the pine wood and make the original color darker and yellow. The third is rosin exudation, which affects the effect of paint.
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