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The principle of leaving expansion joints in solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-22
If we carefully observe some high-end solid wood furniture, we will find that there is often a gap that is neither wide nor narrow on the side of the furniture panel. This gap is called an expansion joint or a contraction joint, and it is not caused by a mistake in the design and manufacture of the furniture. On the contrary, expansion joints are deliberately clever “ideas”. Its existence has played a huge role in preventing the physical properties of wood from swelling and shrinking and increasing the service life of solid wood furniture. 1. Why do solid wood furniture have expansion joints? Expansion joints are a traditional processing technology of Chinese classical furniture. Anyone who knows about mahogany furniture will know that a piece of pure mahogany furniture will inevitably retain the fineness of traditional furniture in Ming and Qing dynasties. Production process-tenon and tenon structure, without using a nail, the various parts of the furniture are assembled through the ingenious combination of tenon and mortise. Expansion joints are designed to prevent the frame or corner tenons of the furniture from cracking when the wood shrinks or expands due to the influence of the external environment, causing the furniture parts to become loose and unable to be used normally. It is necessary to deal with the expansion joints on the surface of the solid wood board. It is called art stitch or craft stitch. Most of them are at the interface, and there are two different wood grain directions! Second, what is the appropriate size of the expansion joint? The size of the expansion joint is very important. The width of the expansion joint depends on the specific gravity of the wood and the climate characteristics of the area where the furniture is finally used. To decide. The width of the expansion joint is generally within 0.3-0.5 cm, and it is ugly if it exceeds 0.5 cm. If the panel is not too wide, it is not necessary to exceed 0.5. The expansion joint is too wide, usually because the wood is not dried well when making furniture. 3. What is the effect of leaving or not leaving the expansion joints? In order to reduce the deformation of wood, before the wood is made into furniture, there is a strict drying process, and some may need to be baked for more than a month. In order to control the quality of standardized manufacturers, the moisture content of products sold in different regions is also different. Even so, in order to prevent the furniture from deforming, expansion joints must be reserved. Related reading: The production of solid wood furniture is as meticulous as a needle thread. The longitudinal shrinkage of wood is not large. Generally, there is no need to leave expansion joints at both ends, and some manufacturers leave seams on all sides, which looks relatively good-looking. Because there are seams on the four sides, no matter whether the furniture is wet or dry, there will be seams (the wood basically does not shrink longitudinally, leaving seams at both ends, which is less affected by the air dry and wet, and the expansion joints always exist). There are also some manufacturers that do not leave expansion joints for furniture. Not leaving does not mean that there is no guarantee, because manufacturers are not absolutely sure about wood drying. Generally, the moisture content of wood is higher than the air moisture content, so even if no expansion joints are left during production, the furniture is finished. There will also be seams in the back, and quite a few pieces of furniture have seams regardless of the dry or wet seasons, but they are of different sizes. Expansion joints must be provided in areas where there is a big difference between the dry and humidity of the environment throughout the year. In different seasons, the dryness and wetness of wood are related to whether there are shrinkage joints and how much shrinkage joints are left. In the rainy season, the air humidity is high. Although the wood is artificially dried, the wood will still absorb moisture and increase in volume during the furniture making process. Generally, there is no need to leave expansion joints. In winter, the air is dry. When the wood is artificially dried to make furniture, expansion joints are generally left. Otherwise, the big side will be damaged when the wet summer arrives. 4. Other precautions Note that if it is solid wood furniture, there will be no craft seams on the surface of the tabletop and board surface. If so, it is only used in two situations. One is that the desktop board is a frame structure, and the other is caused by other special crafts or materials on the desktop. Among them, the frame structure is the most commonly used board-wood combined furniture, so pay attention to the distinction. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that expansion joints are the 'self-protection system' of solid wood furniture. No need to worry when the size is uneven. Most of them will return to their original appearance after the season changes.
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