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The 'Prince of West Africa' u200bu200bwhose fate was changed by his name-Wu Jinmu

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-15
'Liu Penzi Biography of the Later Han Dynasty' contains a story about a baby who turned into an emperor while herding cows. Ebony wood also has a similar fate. From a previously unknown wood that was often used to cut veneer, it suddenly went on fire and was hailed as the 'ninth kind of mahogany.' The felled ebony wood is the 'zebra wood' in Africa, and the scientific name is 'Xiaoxie dal'. Perhaps many citizens often hear these two terms mentioned by salespeople when they buy flooring. As a kind of wood with good hardness and high strength, zebra wood has been used in furniture, flooring and other materials, and has been unknown for a period of time. The turning point of Wu Jinmu Cinderella's life after opening the material is to meet a noble person-Prince Charming, and Wu Jinmu's fate is so coincidental and similar. The designer Zhu Xiaojie (the chief designer of Opal Furniture), who loves wood, named it 'Ebony WoodSince having such a well-known name, 'Wujinmu' has spread in the home furnishing industry, gradually replacing the old name of 'Zebrawood'. Wujinmu furniture merchants have heard the news. Brands such as Opal, Pawson, Master Hua, Century Muge, Fairy Tale Forest, Huadian and other brands have successively developed Wujinmu brands; so in 2010, Wujinmu brand stores appeared in the furniture market. Scene. Some people even say that among the solid wood furniture, the one who dares to compete with teak is none other than ebony wood. Ujinmu People appreciate Ujinmu, starting from the beauty of its wood grain. Jet black and golden threads are intertwined, like moving clouds and flowing water, writing an atmospheric picture scroll on the wood. Its texture is like the flowing markings on a zebra, which is full of movement, bringing a wild romance unique to the West African grasslands. Its color glows with a metallic sense, dazzling and dazzling, it is a kind of modern wood. Going hand in hand with the wood grain, the wood structure of ebony wood is also very good. As long as you weigh the weight with your hands, you will find that ebony wood is much heavier than other woods. This wood has high hardness and density. In fact, there are many kinds of zebra wood on the market, including big zebra wood and small zebra wood, and ebony wood is mainly 'big zebra wood'-the genus Leguminosae. Ebony wood is the most excellent wood in Gabon, Cameroon and other places on the West African continent, and generally requires a century of mature wood. Extended reading: How to buy Wujinmu furniture? Which brand of Wujinmu furniture is better? Among the solid wood furniture for home improvement, Wujin wood is a very precious wood. Similarly, its price is also very expensive. For this reason, many consumers are more cautious when purchasing, so how to easily distinguish solid wood furniture from ebony wood? Method 1: distinguish wood color golden and black curves are vividly in front of them, the color is eye-catching and has a sense of flow, any aspect can be It clearly shows the beauty of the wood grain, and the ebony wood is low in material rate, hard wood, and difficult to process, so every product made of ebony wood is full of strong natural flavor. Method 2: Identify the material Ebony wood can reach up to 130cm, the growth environment is special, and it grows in the hilly area with an average altitude of 1600 meters. The surface layer of soil is rich in mineral resources. The roots of trees penetrate into the mineral layer to absorb nutrients and water. Therefore, the wood contains metal texture. Therefore, the furniture made of Wujin wood is more rigid and tidy in appearance and has high ornamental characteristics. Method 3: Identifying the structure can go hand in hand with the elm wood grain. The wood structure of ebony wood is also very good. The ebony wood, which is known as the 'ninth kind of mahoganyAs long as you weigh the weight with your hands, you will find that ebony wood is much heavier than other woods. This kind of wood has high hardness and density, and its wood structure is similar to that of wenge in mahogany, with fine tube holes, alternating dark and shallow wood grains and forming a unique texture. (Source: Compiled from Huashang.com Home Information)
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