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The present and the past of the hedgehog red sandalwood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-09
Hedgehog Pterocarpus: Leguminosae, Papilionaceae, Pterocarpus, rosewood, one of the 33 national standard rosewoods. Mainly produced in tropical Africa, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal and other West African countries are produced. Diffusion porous material, semi-annular porous material tends to be obvious. The growth ring is quite obvious. The heartwood is orange-red, brick-red or purple-red, often with dark stripes, and scratches are visible to obvious; the aroma is weak; the structure is fine; the texture is staggered. The main materials are furniture materials, decoration, inlay, and high-grade decorative wood floors. Many businessmen in the market believe that Hedgehog rosewood is African rosewood and African rosewood is hedgehog rosewood. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The African rosewood that is generally said in the market is actually African Asian rosewood, not Hedgehog rosewood. Hedgehog red sandalwood is said to be the first to use this kind of wood to make furniture in Jiangmen, Guangdong. In 2003, Guangdong imported this wood from Sierra Leone and other West African countries. When it first entered China, the price was very cheap, but the sales situation was not good, and the use and attention in the market were low. In 2006, when this kind of wood entered the mahogany furniture manufacturer, the sales volume increased. It was not until 2007 that this kind of wood was gradually valued due to the increase in the price of wood, and mass production began in Guangdong. The pattern of 'African huanghuali' is not only good-looking, but the market price was very cheap at that time, about 5,000 yuan/ton, and its wood properties were relatively stable, and it was not easy to crack. Therefore, the wood soon became the main material for some antique furniture manufacturers in Guangdong, and it gradually became popular in the local market, and began to infiltrate into Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei and other places. Some local people also brought a wood sample called 'African huanghuali' to the Chinese Academy of Forestry for wood property identification. The result of the identification was that the wood sample provided by the manufacturer belongs to the Fabaceae, Pterocarpus and rosewood species. , Latin name: pteroca rpus sp. Because only the species was identified in the forestry sciences, the name of the tree species was not indicated. However, according to experts from the Academy of Forestry who were in charge of testing at the time, this piece of wood called 'African Yellow Pear' is actually the hedgehog red sandalwood in the rosewood category listed in the 'Redwood' national standard. Related reading: Are African rosewood and African yellow rosewood the same wood? Wood experts pointed out: The hedgehog rosewood is a diffuse-porous wood, and the semi-annular-porous wood tends to be obvious. The growth ring is slightly obvious or obvious. Heartwood is purple-red-brown or red-brown, often with dark streaks; the wood has a sour smell, scratches are visible, the solution of sawdust is immersed in water, and the solution is fluorescent, the tube hole is inside the growth ring, visible under the naked eye; the chord diameter is 290μm, average 177μm ; The number is very small or slightly less, 2-7/mm22. The axial parenchyma is abundant, obvious or visible under a magnifying glass, mainly in the form of ribbons and thin lines (mostly 2 to 4 cells wide). The structure is fine, the texture is staggered, and the air-dry density is 0.85 g/cm3. The wood has luster, good drying performance, good deformation resistance, easy painting, dyeing, and good adhesive properties. Experts also said: West Africa and other countries have recently restricted the export of this kind of wood due to severe logging. Based on this, this kind of wood should have some room for appreciation. Furniture made of African hedgehog red sandalwood, whether it is classical or European-style furniture, its wood grain expressiveness is not inferior to that of Vietnamese huanghuali, simple and thick, fully demonstrating the natural beauty of the material and exuding a strong cultural atmosphere. Under the circumstances of the unsatisfactory economic situation, the African hedgehog red sandalwood with high cost performance is occupying the market with its unique artistic charm and conquering Chinese consumers.
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