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The performance and market situation of beech

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-22
'Beiyu Nanzhu' The so-called Beiyu refers to the northern folk elm furniture represented by 'Jin Zuo'; the southern beech is the most common beech furniture of the southern folk represented by 'Su Zuo'. This honor is not a mere name. Beech is generally regarded as the common wood used as the origin of furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties by academia, showing its lofty status in the solid wood industry. Ancient Jiangnan: 'No furniture without beech' Many people would think 'Chinese traditional furniture u003d mahogany furniture'. In fact, this is not correct. The red sandalwood that is abundant in India, the huanghuali from Hainan, Vietnam, Laos and other places belong to the tropical tree species, and must go through thousands of mountains and rivers to enter the deep garden of the palace. In ancient times, when the traffic was not developed, the early solid wood furniture, especially the folk furniture, were mostly local materials. Similar to elm abounds in the north, beech is a wood species commonly found in the ancient Jiangnan area. Those who know a little about collecting may have heard of 'alderwoodThe name 'Alderwood' often appears in traditional Chinese furniture books, but in fact it refers to the modern term 'beech'. Due to the ease of obtaining materials and the 'excellent talentBefore the style of mahogany furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties was not mature, beech wood was widely used in the production of traditional furniture in the south of the Yangtze River. There is no shortage of beech wood works with excellent craftsmanship in history, mostly from the classic 'SuzuHowever, as the mahogany with collectible value gradually formed a reputation in the high-end market, the status of beech gradually declined. The physical properties are strong, comparable to the mahogany furniture industry. The beech wood is called the 'declining nobility'. There are two reasons: first, after beech, mahogany furniture represented by Huanghuali began to occupy the high-end market; second, because of the characteristics of beech itself. It has the temperament of 'noble' wood. For example, the top grade 'blood beech' in beech wood has a reddish yellow color similar to that of huanghuali, and it is not weak in terms of ornamental or practicality. In addition, the beech wood has a special 'pagoda pattern' like overlapping wave tips. When the texture of the wood is beautiful enough, it can even be compared to wenge with a dramatic texture. Although beech wood is not listed as the 'hardwoodIn addition to the advantages of wood color, texture, and hardness, beech wood also has the advantages of good load-bearing performance and good compression resistance, and is often used for shipbuilding, construction, and bridges. In daily life, beech wood is often seen in furniture, wooden doors, floors, handicrafts, etc. Beech and beech furniture brands on the market are relatively uncommon. One of the reasons is that since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, beech has always been a common material for folk furniture, and with it, the number of beech materials in my country has also been declining. In 1999, beech wood was even listed as a national second-level key protected plant, and there are few stores specializing in domestic beech wood on the market. However, anyone who has bought furniture knows that the name beech is still often mentioned. In fact, there are indeed many shops selling 'beech' furniture on the market, but most of them are imported wood. In fact, most of these 'beech' are 'beech'. Although the names are similar, the two are completely different. Beech belongs to the Ulmus family, while the beech belongs to the Fagaceae. The two are completely different. Beech wood is hard and compact, but its physical properties are not as good as beech wood. Therefore, beech furniture is slightly better than beech in price. However, this does not mean that the beech is 'sufficient.' In fact, beech is a well-known wood commonly found in Europe and America. It has a long history like beech. Even the detective Sherlock Holmes named his novel after 'beech.' Beech is called Shuiqinggang in our country, and it is often used in the production of furniture and floors. Many domestic beech flooring brands use beech imported from Europe, or 'European beech'.
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