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The perfect craftsmanship of classical furniture-wedges

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-05
In the structure of ancient Chinese furniture, there are very small parts, namely various wedges, bamboo nails, dowels and zhài (pronounced zhài). Such small parts are small in size and often go unnoticed by the world and researchers. However, these seemingly insignificant but important small parts have profound cultural connotations like other parts of furniture. Studying them can give us a clearer understanding of the overall structure of Chinese antique furniture, and form a clearer concept of its historical development, genre formation, and shape distribution. Let's first learn some relevant knowledge from the wedge. A wedge is a triangular wood chip with a wide end and a thin end, which is driven between the tenon and tenon to make the two tightly combined. Usually made of the same material as the furniture, there are roughly the following types: Squeeze wedge: Most furniture has a tenon and tenon structure, and the size of the tenon is always slightly smaller than the eye. The gap between the two must be tightly prepared by an extrusion wedge to make it firm. Wedge squeezing has the function of adjusting the relative position of the parts. If used properly, the furniture parts can be changed from unevenness to flattening, incorrectly adjusted, and not strictly adjusted. For example, the parts where the legs of the Ming-style chair pass through the chair surface, the upper and lower ends of the backrest, the ends of the tooth bars, etc., are all places where the wedge is used. Broken head wedges: also known as 'head wedges, Wood densification. This is the most commonly used form of wedge preparation, which is commonly used on the through tenon of important structural parts such as the edged tabletop, chair surface, and four corners of the bed surface. Large-in and small-out wedges: also known as 'false large-in and small-out wedges'. In the structure of the half tenon, a strong and regular wooden wedge is used to penetrate the surface of the furniture to secure the half tenon, and its appearance is the same as that of a large-in and small-out tenon. Although there is a suspicion of 'stealingIt is often used on furniture with inconsistent internal and external materials, and can also be used when repairing broken large and small mortises. The wedge is also used as a bevel tool, which is frequently used in the furniture manufacturing and repair process.
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