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The overall wardrobe should be selected and designed before decoration

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-01
The main features of the overall wardrobe are: standardized modules and tailor-made. But why choose and design before decoration? This is because: 1. The structure of the bedroom largely determines the width of the overall wardrobe and the design of the internal space structure of the cabinet. In order for the actual hanging space of the cabinet to be sufficient, the layout of the room may need to be changed during the decoration design. After all, everyone has their own problems. Less clothes, and even storage (quilt, etc.) needs. 2. The overall wardrobe is a large piece of furniture, and its placement directly affects the overall spatial layout of the bedroom. 3. The size of the custom-made width will affect the placement and size positioning of beds, bedside tables, dressing tables and other household items. 4. When designing a reasonable overall closet placement, it is also necessary to consider the reasonable wiring of electricity and network (some need to design a TV stand in the closet), the location of the switch socket, the hanging position of the air conditioner, the size of the passage in the bedroom, etc. 5. Based on the principle of consistency and mutual correspondence between the overall style of the bedroom and the main melody tone, the cabinet color of the overall wardrobe, the style of the wardrobe sliding door, the color of the door panel and the floor, bed frame, bedspread (single), curtains and other household products should be selected in advance. Coordination of colors and styles. 6. If you need a suspended ceiling, you should also consider reserving a reasonable overall wardrobe height size. 7. At present, most houses are decorated in a modular, integrated, and integrated style. The overall wardrobe, the overall study, the wine cabinet, the storage cabinet, the entrance cabinet and even the TV cabinet are all tailor-made, and it is necessary to take precautions.
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