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The overall space planning starts from loving life

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-02
To put it simply, the overall space planning is to make overall planning for the owner's new house. From the overall planning of the room structure, function, line, color and space, to the overall arrangement of decorative materials, electrical appliances, lamps, sanitary ware, cabinets, furniture, etc., a new concept of home improvement in all-round and three-dimensional construction. The overall planning and planning requires the designer to be quite high, because in all links of the decoration process, the participation of the designer is required, including detailed communication before consultation, positioning the overall home style including home appliances and furniture, after the renovation, It is also necessary to provide the owner with a comprehensive home furnishing and use plan to maintain the perfect style of the room and avoid the situation where the decoration design style is inconsistent with the later styles of furniture and home appliances. Not all designers can do a good job in overall space planning, and overall space planning requires designers to start from loving life. Only a designer who loves life can savor every bit of life carefully, without letting go of any tiny details, discovering mysteries in the changing of the four seasons and starring, condense into the perception of things in the world, and improve their own state of mind. Therefore, in the overall space planning, add your own deepest experience, not limited to the superficial planning, but start at a deeper level, carefully study the space planning that truly suits and meet the needs of customers, and achieve a spiritual fit with customers. Related reading: The first choice for home improvement in the upper class: Only designers who love life can bring their feelings into the space planning, so that the whole home environment becomes 'flesh and flesh' instead of the separation of spirit and flesh. Hollow and pale. We believe that good space planning, with unique emotional charm, can enable people to experience the designer’s mental journey through home design and layout, feel his emotional changes, and trigger resonance in the bottom of my heart. All this can only be built on It can only be done on the basis of loving life. Dixin Liang Shaoxi on site is a good overall space planning designer for customers, but it is not easy to find a designer who loves life. Because they must get rid of their vanity, and after experiencing countless red ups and downs, they will know how to cherish, how to love, and how to love. We take Dixin’s chief designer Liang Shaoxi as an example. His overall space planning ability has always been praised. In fact, he can have today’s achievements instead of having been in the furniture industry for more than 30 years and experienced many ups and downs. The journey of life is inseparable. It is precisely because of these pasts that Liang Shaoxi, who is highly important in the field of overall spatial planning today, is born.
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