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The overall space planning focuses on understanding the needs

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-02
For every designer, how to understand the needs of the customer and reach a consensus with the customer is the key to the success of the design. For overall home design, understanding needs is even more important. The design of a house, from space planning to soft decoration, tests not only the design ability, but also the understanding of the home. After all, the people in the center are people with distinct personalities. To create a home space with both aesthetics and practicality, in addition to high-quality furniture and appropriate decoration, the overall layout of the house is extremely important. The layout of a house determines its beauty, practicality and even value, and determines the success or failure of the home improvement. A good layout of a house is useful for life. How to grasp this overall layout requires the joint efforts of designers and consumers on the basis of communication. However, it is often the case that the designer is immersed in the results of the design, and the customer does not 'appreciateAfter finishing the hard and soft installation, the effect presented is far from the customer's expectation. Dixon, a pioneer in the field of home improvement industrialization, insists that layout planning is not an overnight job. In this process, full communication with customers and the professionalism of Dixon home improvement industrialization are the guarantee of achieving the goal. It is understood that at Dixin, all the design schemes are personally designed by Liang Shaoxi, the chief designer of Dixin Furniture. Customers can communicate directly with the designer or discuss the whole design plan with the chief designer accompanied by relevant personnel of Dixin store. Carry out detailed communication and visit the actual scene of the case. On the basis of an in-depth understanding of customer needs, the plans and final results made by Dixin have always been sincerely affirmed by customers. Related reading: Overall home improvement PK overall space planning
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