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The origin and classification of American furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-24
Many people's first reaction to American style furniture is associated with country cowboys. Indeed, American-style furniture embodies Americans’ respect and recognition of history and ancestry. In the contemporary era, as a unique home furnishing genre, American-style furniture has won consumers’ favor with its concise, clear lines and decent decoration. Favor. American pastoral style furniture American home style is mainly rooted in European culture. American style furniture has become popular since the 1930s, and it is obvious that there is the blood of British, French, and Italian classic furniture. Although American-style furniture is not decorated with gold or other colors like European-style furniture, American-style furniture also attaches great importance to decoration. Some small pieces of furniture and decorations often use hand-painted craftsmanship. The layers of hand-painted are very rich, and the colors are Showy but not vulgar, you can feel the movement of the brush when you touch it with your hand. Extended reading: American furniture’s accessories layout pays attention to space and soft decoration as a whole. American-style furniture is very fashionable. It very cleverly discards the glitz and complexity of Baroque and Rococo styles, and emphasizes the unique cultural connotation of the United States, focusing on simplicity, Clear line textures, various rare textures of different woods and different parts, and even special textures produced by pathological changes during the growth period of trees are the favorites of American style furniture. The intriguing place reveals the ancient and long-lasting fragrance. American style furniture especially emphasizes comfort, style, practicality and multi-function. Classification of American style furniture From the perspective of shape, American style furniture can be divided into three categories: American country style furniture, American classic furniture, and American neoclassical furniture. American country style furniture: It has always occupied an important position in American furniture. The style of furniture is generous and decent, the lines are full of tension, and the details are gorgeous, which complements its simple shape and functional structure. The appearance and materials still maintain a natural and simple style, and the hidden design drawers store the space, making it look neater and more beautiful. Extended reading: Simple and practical American furniture originated in Europe but more elegant American neoclassical furniture: The foundation of American neoclassical furniture is the lifestyle brought by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. The designer combines classical style with personal unique style and modern spirit. The neo-classical American furniture, which is elegant in shape but not excessively decorated, has become a representative work of typical American furniture. American classical style furniture: American classical furniture not only embodies the grand style in appearance, but also highlights the aristocratic enjoyment of imperial power in terms of comfort. Furniture that is elegant in shape but not excessively decorated has become a representative piece of typical American furniture. Extended reading: How to buy American furniture. The comfort and freedom of American furniture are the reasons why most people choose. Know more about American furniture before buying, so that you can be more confident when choosing.
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