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The origin and characteristics of the two major European style furniture genres

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-20
The origin of the two major schools of furniture European furniture is actually divided into two schools. One is European classical furniture represented by Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. Throughout Europe; there is another category of modern fashion styles represented by Nordic Denmark and Sweden, which originated from the desire to release modern complex life. European classical furniture has palace characteristics. The core elements of European classical furniture are its palace design and golden color, mosaics, inlays and gilded copper ornaments. In addition, it likes to use the 'old' method to copy antiques or royal life, which is very palace characteristics. . With mahogany, walnut, cherry, ebony, oak, and beech wood as the main body, the antique furniture is copied, and the classic craftsmanship is used to restore the history. Among them, the Baroque style is complex, with strong colors and strong decorative and conspicuous. The curved surfaces and elliptical spaces are often interspersed, and the pursuit is gorgeous, ostentatious, exaggerated, and resplendent. The other Rococo style is even worse, which can be understood as an extreme Baroque style, with softer lines, a little feminine and weak, more exaggerated, gorgeous, and fancy. It pays more attention to decoration than its practicality. Smart creativity to create modern Nordic style Nordic modern furniture is just the opposite of European classic furniture. Its simplicity has always been loved by people who admire minimalist life. Its smooth lines and minimalist styles are mainly made of logs and medium fiber. Boards are commonly used materials in modern styles. They make good use of combination to provide space solutions and create smart spaces with different ideas. If you want to use European classical style furniture, your house must first be big enough. Because the palace supplies are not too small in terms of area and volume. Moreover, the home decoration style is best to be European classical style, such as Gothic decoration, beige antique cultural wall or European dark red wallpaper. In addition, the European classical style decoration is best at using gold and silver to show the style and retro charm of the room. If the home space is not very large, or the financial capacity is limited, and you like the simplicity of European-style furniture, it is better to consider Nordic modern furniture. The rustic style is more primitive, especially the texture of pine wood. Of course, the home decoration should also be based on the style of rustic themes, such as the use of maple, oil painting and other decorations. If you like furniture with dark colors, you can use walnut to decorate your home. If you use modern style furniture, the decoration should be concise, and the color should be mainly beige and other light tones. Typical European classical furniture European classical furniture sofas and lighting in the living room are very important. European-style fabric sofas are mainly printed and dyed velvet, and have a silk texture. The fabric is interwoven with gold threads, and the pattern design is beautiful, paying attention to color and texture. Harmonious and balanced, it feels gorgeous. Classic products are best at using gold and silver to present the style and retro charm of the room. Italian crystal chandelier is a very good way to express the European classical style, especially the gorgeous chandelier, usually decorated with crystal tassels. The European classical wall lamp is the best decoration for the living room and dining room. The lamp holder is basically cast copper and has a complex shape. It looks noble and elegant when matched, and can bring out the brilliant palace atmosphere. The European-style classical bed is very exquisite, with complicated patterns and carvings, usually decorated with patterns such as flowers and trees, with beautiful lines and beautifully decorated red velvet. The European-style classic side cabinets are very particular, but the most attractive thing is the hand-pressing mosaic, which is different on each product. In the center is the head of 'Apollo' with a sun pattern, and there are bronze statues of human pillars on the periphery. The whole side cabinet is semi-curved, with marble table top and golden bronze sculpture, highlighting the royal majesty and luxurious style. Simple Nordic modern furniture Nordic minimalist style pays attention to black and white tonal contrast, simple lines, flexible use of limited space. The combination of good-looking and interesting accessories makes the straight-line decoration more comfortable. Although there are many items that people can see in a limited space, there is no sense of cumbersomeness and procrastination, reflecting a kind of refinement and efficiency. Nordic people love life and family more. They pay attention to environmental protection, and children's furniture likes to use logs without coloring. In order to protect children, the corners of children's furniture have been rounded and hard corners. In addition, soft rubber is used to make corner panels in areas where children are prone to collision.
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