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The new year is approaching, how to make furniture look new?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-31
In the blink of an eye, the Year of the Monkey is approaching, and many people have already begun cleaning the Spring Festival, buying decorations and decorating their homes. However, no matter how beautiful the trinkets are, the furniture is worn-out, and the decoration ability is still limited. In the face of broken furniture, it is too late to replace it. It is better to repaint the furniture, which is simple and can be renewed. Of course, different furniture problems have different paint touch-up methods. Below we will explain five common problems for everyone. Question 1: Surface paint peeling can be repaired with paint of the same color first, and then the paint is applied to the surface of the furniture, so that the effect is more perfect. Question 2: If the furniture is burned, you can use a thin blade to gently remove the burned area, then wipe it with steel balls or wool, and use sandpaper for fine sanding to make the surface particularly smooth, then use paint Brush and polish with wax at the end. Question 3: If the paint surface is scratched, the paint can be peeled off. Choose the material of the same color to paint, and then paint again, so that it is almost like the original appearance. Related reading: How to refurbish antique chairs. Problem 4: Crack repair. Solid wood furniture often causes cracks in the furniture due to excessive dryness or dampness. In this situation, you can fill in the cracks with something first, and then paint the surface of the furniture Put on paint. Question 5: Large-area repair. If the furniture needs a large-area touch-up paint, you must first observe the coloring of the furniture. First, distinguish the paint color, whether it is a mixed color, a two-layer color, or a three-layer color, and then process it. In the treatment of gloss, according to the situation of the furniture, polishing, polishing, polishing water, etc., and then selected as auxiliary materials such as wax or abrasives. Generally, the most commonly used furniture is more severely worn. For example, the armrest of the sofa, the friction part of the drawer switch, and so on. Generally pay attention to when painting: When repairing and adding paint, the surface of the furniture must be combed and smoothed, and the furniture must not be deformed. You must also pay attention to the color and quality of the paint. Be sure to choose the same color as your own furniture before, so as not to make up the paint and the color of the previous furniture is different. When making up the paint, we must be careful to make up the paint, and try to only brush off the painted part, otherwise its color difference is very large, which will affect the appearance of the entire furniture.
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