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The most intimate furniture board in history

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-01
According to the material classification, the board can be divided into two categories: solid wood board and man-made board; according to the molding classification, it can be divided into solid board, plywood, fiber board, panel, fireproof board and so on. What types of panels are used for furniture, and what are their characteristics? 1. Woodworking board (commonly known as large core board) Woodworking board (commonly known as large core board) is a plywood with a solid wood core. Its vertical (differentiated by the direction of the core board) is poor in flexural and compressive strength, but its transverse flexural and compressive strength is relatively high. . At present, most of the market is solid, glued, double-sided sanding, five-layer blockboard, which is one of the most commonly used boards in decoration. In fact, the environmental protection coefficient of wood board with better quality can be guaranteed, but the cost is also higher. With the addition of multiple processes such as later painting, it will more or less change an environmentally friendly product. Environmental protection. Under normal circumstances, in the furniture room made of wood board, it must be more ventilated, and it is best to leave it vacant for a few months before moving in. 2. Particleboard Particleboard is to cut all kinds of branches and buds, small diameter wood, fast-growing wood, sawdust, etc. into fragments of a certain specification, after drying, mixing with rubber, hardener, waterproofing agent, etc., under certain temperature and pressure A pressed man-made board is called particle board because its section resembles a honeycomb shape. Adding certain 'moisture-proof factor' or 'moisture-proofing agent' and other raw materials inside the particleboard becomes what people usually call moisture-proof particleboard, referred to as moisture-proof board. It has a certain moisture-proof effect because the particleboard itself has a certain degree of moisture resistance and absorbs water. The post-partial expansion coefficient is small, and it is widely used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environments, but in reality, it has become a tool for many inferior particleboards to cover up internal impurities. Adding a green dye inside the particleboard will form what the current market says is the green-based particleboard. Many manufacturers use it to mislead as a green board, but there is no scientific basis for it. In fact, most of the particleboards of top brands at home and abroad are natural base materials. 3. Fiberboard When some merchants say that they are making cabinets with high-density boards, you may wish to weigh the weight of the boards per unit area according to the above density standards to see if the degree is high-density board or medium-density board. Boards are sold as high-density boards. This practice may affect the interests of some businesses. However, from the perspective of honest business, you will not be afraid of customers to verify that you are a high-density board. Related reading: Detailed analysis of the performance characteristics of various decoration panels The same spliced u200bu200bboard is called a finger-joined board because of the serrated joints between the boards, which is similar to the cross-butting of the fingers of two hands. Because the log strips are cross-bonded, the bonding structure itself has a certain bonding force, and because it does not need to stick the surface boards up and down, the amount of glue used is very small. Before, we used camphor wood finger joint board as the cabinet back panel, and even sold it as a selling point. However, some parts of it were cracked and deformed in the later use, so the incense was cancelled later. The use of camphor wood as the back panel of the cabinet. Here I would like to remind customers who want to use finger joint panels to make cabinet furniture, they must carefully choose the panels, and negotiate with the manufacturer about the later cracking, deformation and other things that may occur, whether as a merchant or an individual, It's all about talking first, and then it's not messy. After the communication is good, there will be less trouble in the later stage. 5. Particle board The so-called solid wood particle board is actually a board produced by the process of particle board, which is a kind of particle board and belongs to homogeneous particle board. The scientific name of homogeneous particle board is oriented structure particle board. It is a kind of small diameter wood, thinning wood, wood core, board bark, branch wood, etc. as raw materials, processed by special equipment to grow 40mm, 70mm, width 5mm, 20mm, thickness 0.3mm, 0.7 mm shavings, after drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface core layer shavings are laid in criss-cross orientation and then formed by hot pressing. After passing through an advanced single-channel dryer for drying treatment, Dare Homogeneous Particleboard has a small expansion coefficient and good moisture-proof performance. Its particles are pavement layer by layer, so its internal internal texture is uniform and better than Ordinary particleboard and powdered MDF must have strong nail holding power, bending resistance and stability. 6. Multi-layer solid wood board Multi-layer solid wood board is made of multi-layer plywood arranged in crisscross pattern as the base material, and the surface is made of high-quality solid wood veneer or technical wood as the fabric. It is produced through several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, and health preservation. Become. Because the multilayer solid wood board has the characteristics of not easy to deform and the excellent performance of adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity, the surface layer of the solid wood veneer material has the natural and real wood texture and feel, so the selectivity is stronger. Therefore, it is highly favored by consumers.
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